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Aug 2, 2006 05:26 PM

Rice paper wrappers - eating, not writing

Is this even possible to get? Any suggestions as to where? Northeast LA, Glendlale, Burbank, Pasadena would be preferable locations.

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  1. I found these a couple years ago in the grocery store in the middle of the older Little Tokyo plaza (not the one near the New Otani). They were round, in a tin. Can't help you with your locale, though.

    1. Hawaii Supermarket (corner of Del Mar/Valley in SGV) generally has them, esp. around Chinese New Year.

      Just to make sure, you're talking about the rice paper stuff you generally find in Chinese confections, like the White Rabbit candy, right?

      1. If you're talking about the things that are served with Vietnamese food, and end up, among other things, around "fresh summer rolls", A Asian Grocery Warehouse, or whatever it's called, (in Echo park, on Sunset east of Echo Park Bl., north side of street) has a huge selection; several brands of the plain round ones, some others in other shapes or sizes, and some incorporating, apparently, dried shrimp, sesame seeds, or other flavorings.

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          I'm assuming Briggs is talking about those thin, clear-ish rice paper wrappers like the Botan rice candy (as well as White Rabbit candy) is wrapped in. Spring roll wrappers are pretty ubiquitous.

        2. You can get them at 99 ranch market. My friend bought some last night along with veggies, meat, shrimp and we made fresh spring rolls at home.

          1. Thanks to all. I'm mean those wrappers used for Spring Rolls. Not sure how ubiquitous they are, since I can't find them at regular chain markets - Ralphs, Albertsons or even Bristol Farms.

            Does Whole Foods carry 'em?

            Thanks again,

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            1. re: Briggs

              They are very common. You can find them in any Asian market and I've seen them in a few regular supermarkets that are in neighborhoods that have large Asian communities.

              Maybe you didnt recognize them becasue when purchased they dont look anything like the finished product. They usually come in packages of 25-100 and look like opaque sheets of thin white brittle plastic. After you soak them in water they soften and look like the wraps youre familiar with on a freash spring roll. They are most often in the same area of the store as all the dried noodles

              1. re: SteveInSoCal

                I had no idea that the edible rice wrappers on candy could be purchased separately...thanks for this info.