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Aug 2, 2006 05:16 PM

Mayordomo Oaxacan Chocolate in L.A.

Does anyone know where I can find Mayordomo brand Oaxacan chocolate here in LA?

Whole Foods at 3rd and Fairfax used to carry it, though the product on their shelves was always out of date. Haven't seen it elsewhere yet, though I'm sure it's around.


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  1. The Whole Foods on Wilshire in Santa Monica carried it the last time I looked. You can find their phone number on line and call them. They're the only place I know of that carries Mayordomo.

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      Ditto for the Whole Foods at National and Barrington on the Westside.

    2. I believe they sell it at Vallarta markets, but you'll have to come to the Valley to find out.

      1. This is a related, but random question: there used to be a local woman (Irvine) who sold Mayordomo through She was often mentioned as an internet source in food publications. I always bought my stash from her. Website doesn't work anymore; anyone know what happened to her?

        1. I went to S.M. Whole Foods today and they had a full selection of Mayordomo bars as they have in the past. (I discovered Mayordomo last year at this time in Oaxaca and was thrilled to be able to buy it here.)

          1. The original comment has been removed