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Aug 2, 2006 05:15 PM

What would you order at The Farm, BH, for lunch?

It's my last day at work, and although I asked for Spago, that was too expensive, so someone suggested the Farm. It's new to me. I've never been, and not heard much. The last post about it on the board is 6 months old, and the consensus is that all the food is mediocre, barring the lobster club and the fries. Is there any new intelligence out there? Any fans? Thanks!

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  1. the farm isn't all bad. i really like the blackened chicken wrap but considering work is paying you should get a serious entree. ahi tuna is good. as is the white fish with gnochhi. and make sure you get a brownie for dessert. enjoy.

    1. I am willing to admit that I like The Farm in BH (have never tried the one in The Grove). Ahi Three Ways has always been my favorite. The burger and bacon sandwiches are good, and the fries are usually excellent. The lobster club is good if you're willing to pay for it, although I like the one at Mariposa (Neiman Marcus) better.

      1. Whatever you order for lunch, be sure to get some brownies for desert. Those brownies are really good!

          1. The brownie is not optional. Definitely need to have it.

            I like the pork sandwich (don't remember the exact description), pretty good if you like bbq style.