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What would you order at The Farm, BH, for lunch?

It's my last day at work, and although I asked for Spago, that was too expensive, so someone suggested the Farm. It's new to me. I've never been, and not heard much. The last post about it on the board is 6 months old, and the consensus is that all the food is mediocre, barring the lobster club and the fries. Is there any new intelligence out there? Any fans? Thanks!

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  1. the farm isn't all bad. i really like the blackened chicken wrap but considering work is paying you should get a serious entree. ahi tuna is good. as is the white fish with gnochhi. and make sure you get a brownie for dessert. enjoy.

    1. I am willing to admit that I like The Farm in BH (have never tried the one in The Grove). Ahi Three Ways has always been my favorite. The burger and bacon sandwiches are good, and the fries are usually excellent. The lobster club is good if you're willing to pay for it, although I like the one at Mariposa (Neiman Marcus) better.

      1. Whatever you order for lunch, be sure to get some brownies for desert. Those brownies are really good!

          1. The brownie is not optional. Definitely need to have it.

            I like the pork sandwich (don't remember the exact description), pretty good if you like bbq style.

            1. There is a salmon dish that I really enjoy - I just can't remember the name.

              1. The corn chowder is pretty good, and nice with a half a sandwich combo. The Lobster Club is pricey, but pretty good, though it can often be on the rubbery side.

                I don't consider the Farm much of a bargan, even compared to Spago for lunch. Almost everything at the Farm is 12 to 17 dollars or more (save for a small number of sandwiches and starters)and for a buck or two more you would eat imcomparably better at Spago. And if you're a wine drinker, the wine by the class is just okay and not priced particularly well. I used to go to the Farm at the Grove for lunch all the time, but finally figured out that if I was going to eat lunch in that general price range, I was better off going to Campanille on La Brea, where for about the same, or maybe a dollar or so more, the food was 100 times better than the Farm.

                In BH, you'll have much better meals, for around the same money at the Farm, at Il Pastaio, Enoteca Drago, or some of the places down on South Beverly Drive. This is not to say that the Farm is bad, it's just that I am always amazed at what we've ended up spending for a meal there that is fair to good, but not anywhere near great. Location is a factor, and you pay for it, but other places have a better price/quality ratio in BH IMHO. (I put Prego in the same category as the Farm by the way -- the food is generally good, but you can pay virtually the same for much better Italian food a couple of blocks East at Enoteca Drago or Il Pastaio.)

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                  I absolutely sympathize, but am going with a few people who eat to live, and wouldn't go out of their way for someplace really good. Spago had been my suggestion, and to be fair, their entrees (from the online menu) are a good $10 more than the Farm's on average.

                  Looks like I'll go with the lobster club or one of the fish entrees. I hope I can convince my party to share the brownies. We are all girls, and someone is invariably watching their weight (or at least keeping up appearances)...

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                    I take your point. No doubt if everyone, or even a few folks go full bore on main courses at Spago at lunch the bill will be sizeably larger than at the Farm given that Spago has several lunch entrees in the $39 + range (including the Wienerschnizel which I always assumed could never be worth the price, then tried it and found it was). But what is always surprising is how many Spago courses are priced within close range to their Farm counter parts. The pasta dishes at the Farm seem particularly out of whack, either that or Puck has the pasta with veal meatballs and Reggiano as a loss leader. The pizzas save for the Spago special with smoked salmon and caviar, are priced within hailing distance of each other, and I know from experience that the Spago pizzas are much, much better. The same is also somewhat true when it comes to salads. The Spago Lobster Club at an online price of $25 seems a real bargan -- my recollection is that when I was at the Farm a couple of weeks ago, it was at least that and maybe more. (That Spago online menu could very well be out of date.)

                    The Farm and Spago aren't comparable, not price or food wise, and aren't trying to be. But it is surprisng how expensive much of the food is at the Farm for what you get, and how relatively reasonably priced (and relative is the key word) many of Spago's lunch items are for the same neighborhood for vastly better food.

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                      Yes, but a budget is a budget, although we may have blown it because we shared 4 appetizers and all had dessert. I checked out the two menus online. The most expensive entree at the farm was about $25, which is only middle of the range at Spago. I'm not even going into the $39 and $40+ entrees. In any case, all's well that ends well and while the food was fine, the company was fantastic.

                      Thanks again for the suggestions.

                2. The baked pear and brie sandwich is also good, but it's one of the cheapest choices so if work is paying you should probably go for the lobster. :) Brownie sundae is a good option using their yummy brownies. If no one will share brownies, it's very common to get them to go...so at least take one home with you! I always get one to go if I am too full after the meal.

                  1. Thanks to all of you for your timely suggestions! We did go all out - my group of girls were troopers! I shared the crab cake appetizer, which was ok in flavor but extra points for not too much filler. The lobster club sandwich was quite good, not particularly rubbery, and with a generous amount of large lobster chunks. Split the brownie sundae with vanilla ice cream and choco/caramel sauce and the blackberry cobbler. the sundae was very good, albeit a bit too sweet. But it was warm and gooey, just how I like it. The fruit in the cobbler was nice but the crust was terrible - heavy and tasteless.

                    All in all, a very pleasant leisurely lunch, with a spotting of Steve Martin (and we think Leslie Nielsen) to boot.