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Aug 2, 2006 05:11 PM


We are chowhounds from Los Angeles flying into phillie in a couple of weeks and would like to go out to eat when we arrive there. We will probably be out of the airport by 10pm. any suggestions for restraunts that are open late?
we will have 2 teenagers with us. We will be happy to go to any area within a reasonable distance.

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  1. In order to help you, I'd have to know the area you are staying. You probably don't want to be driving around Center City at 10pm for a restuarant if you are staying in Media.

    1. The kiddies will like a place like Buddakan or El Vez if you're staying in Center City. Are you arriving on a weekend night? It may affect where you could go and get a table...

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        we are staying in mount airy (spelling?) visiting family there...near chestnut hillit will be wed. night mid august

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          Well, you could go to McNally's in Chestnut Hill, but you would have to be wary of time, because I'm quite sure they stop serving food at 11. Could be cutting it close with traffic and / or unexpected nonsense at the airport.

      2. Well, not sure if this would work or not in terms of location or taste. But Shiao Lan Kung is open till 3am in Chinatown. 930 Race St. to be exact. Arguably the best Chinese place in Philly and low prices too. Just an idea

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          It is a bit out of the way for Mount Airy, but I love Shiao Lan Kung and can't resist a moment to recoomend it. Yummy food, fresh food, open really late, always full of people. It's a great little place!

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            i'll make it law, shiao lan kung is not too far out of your way if you take 76 from the airport to mount airy. you have to take 676, but it is very quick and's in chinatown on race between 9th and 10th, so i am sure your hosts could get you there....

        2. Osaka in Chestnut Hill is serving sushi til 1:00am. The sign just says sushi. I don't know if they serve anything else that late. You could call them. : 215.242.5900

          1. Does anyone know how late McMenamin's serves food? I am guessing that it would be atleast until midnight, if you don't mind pub food. They have great sandwiches, wings, salads. Plus it is easy to fin, right in Mt. Airy.

            Depending on how you go, a spot that wouldn't be too far off your trip up 476 from the airport is Taqueria Michoacana in Norristown.

            I'm sure you get your share of Mexican in LA, but they have really excellent, authentic food and they serve until 1 AM. The bar is separate from the restaurant, so it would be fine for teenagers too.