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Gourmet magazine's August issue

According to a SF Chronicle article, this is worth getting ...

"The supplement included with this month's issue contains 15 stories by acclaimed authors -- Pat Conroy, Calvin Trillin and Jane Smiley among them -- who tackled a challenge posed to them by the publication's editors: Write about food from angles not often explored. "

More info here.


Anyone read it? Is it worth buying?

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  1. I've not read the supplement yet, but bought the magazine and thought there were a number of interesting articles, including one on ice cream and one on Richard Olney. Thinking about renewing my subscription since I seem compelled to buy it at the newsstand.

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      Oh, yes! I haven't tried the cinnamon toast ice cream yet but, boy, does that sound interesting.

    2. The supplement is by far the best thing Gourmet has published in a long time - well-written, thought-provoking articles.
      Other than in the foreword, no icky-poo Ruth Reichl gushiness for once.

      1. I completely agree with buttertart. The supplement is a wonderful read. I would definitely recommend picking it up.

        1. two votes for what Buttertart said- Gourmet is on my sh*t list b/c of yucky photography and too much preaching of the organic/local mantra...but then I read the supplement and I forgot about all of that. For this month, anyway.

          1. I've got to agree. I've become kinda disillusioned with Gourmet over the last year or so, but this issue was great. The supplement is by far the best writing they've featured in way too long, and there's some good stuff in the regular magazine to boot.

            1. Just picked it up yesterday. The concept of the supplement was so excellent, but somehow it left me feeling disappointed. For instance, Junot Diaz on food in Japan was something that I was excited about but the essay just seemed bland and unfocused. It's worth getting, but I think the idea is better in theory...

              1. Gourmet seems to publish one good issue per year, and August is it. I love food writing and would like to see more of it on a regular basis. Gourmet did that in years past. I get discouraged with the magazine sometimes because of dumbed-down recipes and too many luxury car ads.

                1. Not only enjoyable writing, but ad-free and a convenient size...perfect for reading in the pool. Now I'm going to expect one of these every year!

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                    Danna, I must have received a different Gourmet supplement than you did. Mine has advertizing - inside front cover, back cover and several full-page ads inside.

                    I am very disappointed with Gourmet and will let the current subscription lapse.

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                      I suppose I should have said almost ad-free. I did notice one pull out from Phillips...I thought they sponsored the whole thing.

                  2. I've only read a few stories thus far (great size for the bus), but I'd recommend it. Monique Truong's story was very touching, and I'm a huge fan of Ann Patchett. With all the great writing, I didn't even notice the ads!

                    1. Very worth picking up. Perfect summer reading.

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                        very pleasing reading. I try to read one a day while it lasts. I was pleasantly surprised.

                      2. ditto, i saw this at the airport on the way back from san francisco and i was really very glad i bought it. surprised at the sophistication presented by gourmet in this publication. they havent been too much to write home about content wise, lately.

                        1. this supplement is good; I've read most of the articles as the size makes for excellent bus reading over the GG Bridge...Jane Smiley's piece and Calvin Trillin's piece are standouts. I'm curious enough about the bread recipe from Smiley that shortcuts with vinegar: http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/rec...

                          1. It was absolutely fantastic.

                            Pat Conroy's piece made me sick for Paris, and the excerpt from Nicole Mones' new novel was stunning. I can't wait to read it whole.