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Aug 2, 2006 04:53 PM

Great Bay review - Inner New Englander continuing to laugh

Went to Great Bay last night for a quick dinner before the game -

The food WAS tasty - Had the ceviche, which was citrus based, with bits of orange, tangerine and grapefruit pulp along with the spicy kick. The piquancy was strong like the one I had at Rincon Limeno, but much more flavorful and sweet. The fish was shaved octopus - yummy. Dayboat scallops with little mushrooms, some sort of sauce and tomatoes - not a great description - there were four large scallops on the plate, perfectly cooked - maybe just a tad overdone - but really good again.

But I have to say that for $13 an app and $32 for four scallops, I would not go again on my own tab. It's just kind of silly. I giggled a little as they tonged a roll onto each bread plate - This is not a white table cloth place, so it seemed a little silly too. It's a good place to impress visitors, though, so it was a wise choice for this evening.

I just can't justify paying that much for food, unless you're talking about something truly revolutionary like an El Bulli-type gastronomic experience. A few well-executed scallops - nah...

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  1. I agree about the entree prices, $13 for apps these days seems about right unfortunately. But putting rolls out with a tong doesn't seem weird for Great Bay at all. They seem pretty white tablecloth to me altho the bar area is a little more casual.

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    1. re: Joanie

      That's what I thought too, Joanie. I've only eaten there once, during a restaurant week and it wasn't a great selection. BUT I liked the room and the dining experience was intended to be more upscale than casual. It's white tablecloth, fer sher.

      1. re: yumyum

        I'm not a dessert lover but I remember the butterscotch pudding to be very good.

    2. I've had wine, drinks, and apps in the bar area and been very happy with everything - the mini-tacos are great, the sushi got to be a little overly flavored for my more traditional taste I think the wine choices ussed to be better, maybe they've scaled back there?