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Aug 2, 2006 04:41 PM

Help - dinner near Newport Beach tonight?

Is there anywhere around there that is worth a meal? Knowing my cousin, who I'll be eating with, Mexican will be first choice, but if there isn't anything reasonably authentic and good, I can probably talk him into something else. The question is: what? Where? I don't want to drive too far since I'll have to take my cousin back to the heart of Newport Beach and then return to civilization - Silverlake - otherwise I'd head for Little Saigon.

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  1. I strongly suggest Taco Rosa in Newport. Best menu items are the flor de calabeza quesadilla, the taco alambre, the tamarind margarita, and the house-made churros. Enjoy!

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      Second Taco Rosa... they have a wonderful bar too!


    2. Great standard Mexican at El Matador on Newport Blvd. I'm headed there for lunch right now.

      1. Taleo Mexican Grill is on the pricier side, but it is pretty good stuff. It's in neighboring Irvine, not too far from Newport Beach. It's on Jamboree, just off the 405 exit.

        There is also Taco Surf in Costa Mesa, close to Triangle Square. I've always enjoyed their enormous burritos, which you get to choose 2 meats for their Killers Alamo burrito because it's so damn big.

        There is also the SuperMex chain, closest location probably in Irvine, though it's closer to the 5 freeway on Culver Dr. Solid Mexican food.

        1. Also, there is an El Ranchito in Newport...I have only been to the one in Lake Forest, which I love love love...but have heard good things about the NB location as well.

          1. If you want to get away from Mexican, Sage Eastbluff is an excellent & rather civilized restaurant.