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Gourment/Specialty Jam?


I am putting together a small gift basket to bring to our hosts for the weekend and wanted to put scones and special jam in it. Can anyone think of somewhere to go for the jam (or something of the like) other than just Whole Foods - maybe a gourmet or specialty shop? In the West Village or Chelsea would be preferable.

Thank you!

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  1. I saw a very nice selection of French and Italian jams at Citarella the other day - and Dean & DeLuca also has an extensive selection.

    1. if you are going by the farmers market at union square, I would reccomend jams from Beth's Farm. They are usually on the Union Square West Side and have a great selection (I like the raspybarb mayself!)

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        I second the Beth's Farm suggestion. They have wonderful jams, even excellent low-sugar ones. Great chutneys, too.

        And walking through the Union Square Greenmarket you're very likely to find other items for your gift basket.

      2. garden of eden on 14th and 5th ave has an excellent jam and preserves selection.

        1. if you go to Union Square Greenmarket - check out Berkshire Berries too - I LOVE their ginger jelly and their red raspberry is good too.

          1. Sweet Melissa's makes jarred preserves and compotes, but keep in mind that this is a bakery so the selection is limited to what is fresh at market. Usually she only has one or two flavors at any given time in the store. Very prettily packaged with a homemade look (it is!). I patronize her Brooklyn/Cobble Hill store, but she's opened a location in Manhattan on Houston near Broadway. Call to find out what she has. You can get your scones there too.

            You might also try Blue Ribbon Bakery store, though I don't quite remember what they have.

            1. Sarabeth's preserves are sold at their five locations in the city (www.sarabeths.com) and at various other markets, or so I've heard (I know for sure they're at Zabar's). I especially like the apricot orange marmalade...

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                  I second the Sarabeth's rec. Excellet jams, good prices. The orange apricot is great along with the Billy's Blues.

              1. I've noticed that at Jack's Coffee (w.10th b/t Greenwich & Waverly) they are selling (and serving) jams made by Salt. They have Blueberry/Lavender and Strawberry/Basil - both amazing. I'm sure you can buy them at Salt too, but Jacks happens to be closer to me.

                My other favorite jam, (though not NYC based) is Trappist Preserves. It is made by monks in Massachusetts and is seriously chock full of fruit - it's like the Ben & Jerrys of jam! Especially good is their Blueberry, Pineapple/Apricot, and Peach. You can find them in certain gourmet shops as well as on-line.

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                  I saw "Trappist Preserves" today at my local "Gristede's".