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Aug 2, 2006 04:24 PM

Casual dinner in Pt. Loma/OB-San Diego

Going to a friends event tomorrow night and were looking to have some casual (but tasty) food in Pt. Loma or OB and memory is failing has to be vegetarian friendly, and I'm not a fan of the chain Brigatine, Miguels, etc.

Thought about Luna Notte and Ranchos, but my friend has been there before...

Any suggestions?


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  1. Try The Vine, in OB. It's veggie friendly and has tasty food, along with an amazing import/micro beer selection.

    Corner of Bacon and Newport.

    1. I second The other place you might consider in Pt. Loma would be Old Venice (Italian, which I assume with pasta meets the Vegetarian requirement).

      1. Dont forget 3rd Corner in OB.

        1. I third The Vine! Excellent food and beer/wine selection.

          1. I would probably go to Old Venice in Pt Loma - nice atmosphere but affordable and definitely veg friendly. I hadn't heard of the Vine until now - I looked at their website and it looks interesting though! I haven't been but 3rd Corner might also be a good option. Thee Bungalow might be a little fancy for you, and I haven't been there since it changed ownership. Maybe somebody else has some feedback.


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              I wasn't thrilled by Third Corner the last time we went. I thought the prices of the portions were misleading, considering it cost me about $35 to have a good meal (appetizer and salad and entree). Also, they sell you Baked Brie for $9 but they don't give you any bread unless you pay $2 more. That is slightly ridiculous.

              The Vine is good, but occasionally (usually) they get a large group of boisterous people, and the place can't take the noise. But I've always enjoyed the food and drink there, and the prices are pretty good. I recommend the flat iron steak.

              1. re: Alice Q

                As posted previously, a close friend has eaten there 3 times since the Cohen group took over and each time it has been a little worse than the time before. This is coming from an OB resident and frequent pre-Cohen Group diner at Thee Bungalow. It's now a chain restaurant.

                1. re: DiningDiva

                  I knew they could not be trusted with Thee Bungalow.

                  1. re: sdnativa

                    Really, what *can* they be trusted with?

                    I remember going to Mister Tiki shortly after it opened. We got appetizers, some of which were quite good. We went back a year later, and all the things we liked were gone from the menu. In a cost-cutting move, they had replaced their previous chef, and everything we had was pretty sub-par.

                    I don't care for any of their restaurants. The fact that so many are popular is depressing.

                    1. re: Josh

                      You are right on. The restaurants border on tourist traps the prices are so high. The food is often annoyingly, needlessly complicated, as if diners are going to be duped by that.

                      Anyone know what happened with Josh McGinnis moving from Prego to Island Prime? They do not promote his name, only Debra Scott. Prego was excellent with him at the helm. What a waste he was absorbed by the Cohen Group.

                2. re: Alice Q

                  Thanks! I think we'll be going to Old Venice...I've always wanted to try it and I think its the atmosphere we are looking for. I've been to the Vine for drinks (went after dinner, so no food) but it looked good...