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Aug 2, 2006 04:20 PM

Amazing grocery stores in portland-searching for a particular one

Hoping someone can help me with some sort of ambiguous memories of a grocery store I went into breifly on my last trip to portland. It was in city center area, I think near Powell's Books, pretty bug, with an amazing salad bar/ bakery/ to-go section towards the front. Also, any other stoires with a wide selection of quality foods. Every time we visit Portland, and Oregon in general, we are just blown away by the grocery stores! Such selection...we wish we had the same in vancouver! anyway, if anyone knows which one Im talking about (I cant remeber if it was a whole foods or city market or other but I do remember that you could sample anu of the prepared salad bar items) i would greatly appreicate the name as i want to go back to stock up when I return next week!

Thanks so much,

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  1. Whole Foods is very close to Powell's.

    1. You mean Whole Paycheck, er, Whole Foods, only a block from Powell's.

      Other stores to check out: City Market on NW 21st, Pastaworks on Hawthorne, and New Seasons everywhere.

      1. I too am pretty amazed at the quality of groceries in Portland. That's a nice Whole Foods...most of them are really nice like that too.....

        1. I don't know if people have noticed, but the Whole Foods going in at Bridgeport down in Tigard/Tualatin is GINORMOUS. HUUUUUGE. It's going to compete in size with the flagship store in Austin, I think. Poor Wild Oats across the way.

          If you liked Whole Foods, you should really search out a New Seasons, a local chain. Very similar in style but better in many ways.

          1. That had to be Whole Foods ( NW 12th & Couch ), it is a block away from Powells and as you described.
            I like Zupans on Burnside & NW 23rd. They are renovating/enlarging the store but the great produce etc is still there.