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Aug 2, 2006 04:18 PM

Indian Lunch Buffet in Mt. Vernon/Baltimore???

There is a Indian Restaurant that has a super cheap lunch buffet. I believe its on Charles St. in Baltimore. I can't think of the name of it to save my life. Any thoughts? Thanks!!

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    1. Yup, it's Akbar. If you ask, they have lemon pickle, too. But you have to ask for it.

      1. Thank you, BmoreHounds!

        1. God no. Not Akbar. See previous posts on the subject of Indian buffets. The one you mean is most likely Mughal Garden.

          A better choice is Mehek in Fells Point, followed by Mem Sahib near Lexington Market.

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            That's right, Mughal Garden also has one. Its been a while and I couldn't remember the name. If I remember correctly, both Mughal Garden and Akbar are around 7 bucks.

            Note I am NOT recommending either of these places, I just thought the OP was trying to remember the name of a place, not looking for a rec.

          2. I'll take recommendations too!

            I think the place I was looking for was Mughal Garden. Thanks for the help.

            I'm coming from Brooklyn to spend a few days at home in MD. I plan on going on a foodie rampage to my old favorites and new restaurants.

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            1. re: subinai

              While we're on recommendations and Indian food, I have to recommend Ambassador Dining Room. It's not cheap, and they do _not_ have a buffet, but it is wonderful.They have a website, not surprisingly


              1. re: baltimom

                The Ambassador's website says that they *do* have a buffet at lunch. Personally, I dislike buffets and don't consider that a desirable feature.

                1. re: Hal Laurent

                  woops, I stand corrected! I too am not that into buffets, but accuracy is always best.