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Aug 2, 2006 04:11 PM


Does anyone at the "new" Chowhound have any idea how big Ontario is? This is crazy - how can one board cover the entire province?


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  1. Ontario has something like 12 million people. Not that large if you compare that with the population of NYC. The bulk lives in the GTA. What do you want, a separate board for Thunder Bay?

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    1. re: fatboy44

      Uh yeah, but NYC has like 5+ boards for 8 or 9 million people... does it not make sense for Ontario to have an equal amount (at least) for 12 million?

      Toronto/GTA, Ottawa/Surrounding, Southwest, Northern, Western? (or something)

      1. re: Craig

        I think what they do at Chowhound is, count the hits a given board gets and make a determination for the need of more space that way. As you must have noticed, Vancouver falls under the Canada board and does not have one of it's own. That means to me that there are very few hits for Vancouver. Why don't you email chowhound and ask them.

        1. re: fatboy44

          It's a lot more subtle than that - there are a lot of considerations that go into how to group the boards together. If we use too large an area, people can't find what they're looking for amidst the noise. If we use too small an area, there's not enough critical mass to keep the board vital. There are also problems with trying to draw clean boundaries when more and more cities and towns run together in suburban sprawl.

          There's no perfect solution to the problem of board allocation, but this is the one we're trying for now.

        2. re: Craig

          Craig, if you notice; the volume (post entries) on the Manhattan board is more then twice the volume of the Ontario including Toronto entries. I would imagine that there are quite a few moderators (volunteers) handling all those entries. I think that that is an other consideration for Chowhound combining the Ontario region on one board. We just don't have the same traffic on our board that some of the others generate.

          1. re: fatboy44

            Yes, I'm sure you're right about board division being dictated by volume. Nevertheless, I think both geography and relative populations need to be taken into consideration as well. That is, Ontario is a lot bigger than New York (state or city), and the population of the GTA (5.3m) relative the rest of the province (12.5m) is a greater ratio than the population of NYC Metro Area (18.7m) to the rest of the state (19m -- I assume part of the Metro Area is not in NY State?).

            I dunno -- perhaps it's the 'Toronto as Centre of Universe' syndrome that irks the rest of Canada so much, but it seems to make sense to me that a city this size have its own board. It's as much for the benefit of non-Torontonians (so they don't have to sift through hundreds of Toronto posts to find one for their city) as Torontonians.

      2. I think it would help if there was a convention in the subject line so that you put the city your asking about first in brackets. like (Toronto) Looking for a good sushi place. or something like that.

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        1. re: mainja

          Not a bad idea at all, although I still think major urban centres require their own board - otherwise the main board becomes less relevant the more it is cluttered with requests for places in Oakville or Ottawa or wherever.

          1. re: Cereal Killer

            Agreed! Toronto should have its own board with other regions such as South West, South East, etc. having their own.


          2. re: mainja

            Simpler may be just to use the Airport codes, YYZ for Toronto restaurants YOW for Ottawa, YQT for Thunderbay. Just a thought. I realise a lot of places won't have airport codes but for the amount of Toronto-Ottawa postings it would be helpful browse easier.

            1. re: GGS

              heh, yeah, but in order for that to work we'd have to know the airport codes, and my memory is pretty shoddy. ;)

              in all seriousness though, for someone who has just stumbled on the board i suspect the city name would make searching easier for them, both with scrolling because they may not know what the codes meant, and also with plugging in a search.

              i for one am going to just start putting (Toronto) in front of my Toronto posts. who knows, maybe it will catch on. ;)

          3. I'm guessing Ontario's a little smaller than South America or Africa and the MIddle East. :)

            1. How about a separate board for Ottawa and Gatineau area? Have you notice that the members used to submit review to Ottawa restaurants have disappeared and gone to other review site now? I think Ottawa/Gatineau deserves a separate board and not to bury in the Toronto board.

              My 2 cents for your consideration before other members got used to other website. Seriously. You can just compare the # of entries in the old board and now and you should be able to see the difference.

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              1. re: Oscar Academy

                that's precisely where my concern would lie. while we might not have the volume of other boards, you're also discouraging an increase in volume.

                ottawa has all but disappeared on the ontario board... i haven't seen a post about it for weeks! beyond that any smaller cities also get lost in the fray as well since their requests are just bumped down with torontonians.

                1. re: Oscar Academy

                  I second this comment (and the one below which I belatedly just read). On the all Canada board Ottawa/Gatineau used to have a pretty active community that fit right in in terms of volume with Calgary and Vancouver. The volume of comments has really gone down since we were grouped in with Toronto. Maybe seperate Toronto and rest of Ontario boards would help.