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Aug 2, 2006 04:08 PM

all u could eat buffets?

Are there any all you could eat buffets around?

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    Yakiniku Juju
    Ambassador Grill
    Sapphire Indian
    Tennessee Mountain

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    1. re: devil

      Tennessee Moutain in Soho closed in or around April.

      1. re: calypsogirl

        I had thought so, but when I checked their website just now, there is no mention of it. Sorry about that.

      2. re: devil

        Neither Coco nor Churrascaria nor Yakiniku are buffets, but they just have AYCE.

        1. re: devil

          True - though Churrascaria has that unlimited salad bar that is essentially a secondary buffet to their ayce meat-fest.

      3. Becco isnt a buffet, they have an unlimited pasta deal but they serve you. There a number of Indian places in midtown that serve buffet lunch.

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        1. re: belle

          Of course - I added that more for the AYCE feature, not the buffet feature.

          1. re: belle

            In a similar vein, I believe Todd English's English is Italian also offers an AYCE pasta prix fixe. Someone wrote about it way back when, if you do a search.

          2. You can try Todai (the old Minado) on E.32 St. Korean/Japanese.
            A budget option is Arang with a smaller buffet and less extensive selection. My recent review:

            1. The original comment has been removed
              1. I remember going to a few Brazillian restaurants in the upper W.40's between 5th and 6th Ave's, they had all you can eat. You help yourself to the salad bar, which is enormous, and you turn a wooden knob upsidedown or rightside up if you want more of their meat selection.