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Aug 2, 2006 04:08 PM

Lucy's Seafood

Anyone been to this place? Looks like they have three locations in Mississauga and one in Waterloo.

I'm not one for chains but I'm thinking I might bring my daughter, (coincidentally), called Lucy.

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  1. I've been to the Lucy's in Waterloo, it is somewhat better than Red Lobster, that's about all I can really say I guess. Too bad the poster child for the restaurant is the picture of a woman who seems to have umm... fallen on hard times.

    1. I have unfortunately been there a few times, and would not recommend it. It is just what Blueicus says, a step-up from Red Lobster...but not a huge step. I found the prices high for what you are getting, the atmosphere is like Jack Astors, but sea themed..and the food not very

      1. fyi: there are at least two in The Saug. One at McLaughlin and Bristolish. The other at Derry and GlenErinish.

        1. I'm fondest of the Bristol/McLaughlin joint. I've always found them better at lunch but friends claim there's no shift difference. This location is usually packed--which may simply indicate slim pickings in the area--but diners always seem happy and relaxed. It's not truly great seafood but it's better than the chains by a considerable margin.

          1. I've been to the one at Dundas & 403. Food was nothing special, ambiance was lacking (overly...cheerful music playing throughout dinner), but strangely enough the restaurant was packed to the brim.