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Aug 2, 2006 04:06 PM

Need dinner recs for dinner with parents and their business associates

I'm a local looking for possible suggestions for a dinner in October for 9 people. Some caveats...the dining group will be me (a 20 something), my parents and their business associates (who are all in their 50s and 60s). They will be eating at Carmines the following night - so probably no Italian. We will be meeting up for cocktails prior to dinner at the Pump Room, so I'm thinking locale wise: Mag Mile, Old Town, South Lincoln Park or Loop. I'm thinking upscale-ish (but not something like Alinea or Avenues) and nothing too wild and crazy cuisine wise(i.e. sushi), since I don't know the likes and dislikes of the group. I've already hit Joe's, Hugo's, Gibson's, Morton's, S & W, M & S with them (and we're hitting up Salpicon in August) and am looking for something new. I realize that this is a bunch of requirements, but I figure specificity helps. Thank you so much in advance for any leads.

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  1. Catch 35 at 35 west wacker might fit the bill - excellent seafood but has land based items as well - the food is excellent and the ambience is very nice -

    1. Frontera Grill. Usually doesn't take reservations but with that large a party I think they will.

      1. I think Catch 35 is a great suggestion. Very consistent food, service and the menu has many options. If you want to go into the West Loop I think 160 Blue is a beautiful option (Randolph and Ogden). The room is soo relaxing and the menu is very creative with out leaving anyone behind. NO DINER LEFT BEHIND! I think Michael Jordan is an owner/ partner... there is your Chicago link :) Across the street is The Tasting Room which has over 100 wines by the glass and a great place to have dessert and an after dinner drink while viewing the city skyline from the second story lounge. Good Luck 20 something!

        1. That's a no brainer: mk. Quite upscale, but within the mainstream, and a nice neutral vibe that's perfect for both the young and the middle-aged.