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Cheap Mexican and Margaritas

Want to have a fun dinner with a group of friends on Saturday night. Can anyone recommend a mexican place with decent food and strong drinks that are reasonably priced? Any area is fine as we are all spread out around the city. Thanks so much!

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  1. Baby Bo's , 2nd ave just north of 34th st.
    Though the menu has changed somewhat in the last year(they brought back my fav burrito)Food is always consistently good as are the drinks.
    Dont know how big your party is, the place is on the smallish side, but IMO woth the trip. We come from brooklyn (bay ridge) to eat there all the time.

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      1. Dont know about festive, there is music playing and the place is always loud, and friendly. I would call ahead and let them know you're coming with 8 or it might take them awhile to seat you as the place is small
        Baby Bo's Cantina
        (212) 779-2656

        1. There's always the Rio Grande. I'm not sure how expensive the drinks are..

          1. Mexican Radio - decent food, great margaritas, cool interior, festive, and can handle big groups.

            1. Ever been to Toritilla Flats? Before the meatpacking district blew-up, we would go there (very neighborhood like spot back then) and would always have a great time. The drinks can add up after awhile, but the food was decent and the vibe was great.

              The only thing is that it's a tiny place. Call ahead and see if you can reserve a table.

              You can find them on menupages or citysearch.


              Panchitos is another option since the place is big in the W. Village (Macdougal bet. W.3 and Bleecker) but the food wasn't that great in my opinion.

              El Cantinero on University and I think 10 St. was also okay. They have an outdoor area, too.

              Then there is always Mary Ann's. I've only been to the one on 2nd Ave and I think E. 4 St.

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                Tortilla Flats is fun with a group. I've always found the food pretty consistent and they usually have some activity going on like trivia or bingo.

                I usually order the chimichangas.

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                  I had the chicken quesadillas last week at Tortilla Flats and they were terrific.

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                  My friends and I go to Maryann's about every other weekend. Lots of really good food options and POTENT margs ($7 for a large pint glass).
                  Also good is Pacquitos on 1st between st marks and 9th. They have a really nice outdoor garden in the back and the burritos are huge and delicious.

                3. thanks for the help! I think I'm going to try out Baby Bo's since it's the most centrally located.

                  1. When I was going to John Jay, after class a group of us used to always go to Cancun restaurant. (8th avenue between 55th and 56th)

                    SO MUCH FUN!! The place was really jumping at night. It's really cheap, too! (especially good since we were all college students)

                    I can taste the Margarita's now!

                    :) Have fun!