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Aug 2, 2006 03:37 PM

Lunch Spots in/near Downtown LA, weekends

SD hound coming up to LA for business. Any suggestions for lunch near downtown on the weekend, esp. saturday?

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  1. One of my favorite downtown restaurants is Angelique Cafe. It's a French cafe and the food is great and reasonably priced as well. My faves include their smoked fish plate, their marinated eggplant sandwich and also their quiche, which comes with a salad.

    You can see a couple of pics here:

    The link to the restaurant is:

    Also, you aren't that far from Chinatown and my favorite dim sum restaurant is Ocean Seafood. They have lots of variety and my favorite dish is the salted shrimp.

    The link to the restaurant is:

    Also in Chinatown is Asian Noodles, a Filipino restaurant. I really like their Asian Fried Chicken, Pansit Palabok and Kare-Kare.

    To see pics, go here:

    If you'd like to have a lot of different food stalls to choose from at once, check out the Grand Central Market. There's something for everyone there.

    For more info, go to:

    Hope you enjoy your day in LA!


      1. This is easy.

        Go to Langer's Deli for the pastrami sandwich (with coleslaw inside the sandwich). Ask for the pastrami to be handcut. Langer's pastrami was named the best pastrami by the New Yorker.

        You can get there by public transportation too! Get on the Red line downtown and get off at the macarthur park stop. Langer's is a half block away from the stop. Total trip one way should be MAXIMUM 15 minutes, and much quicker if you catch a train quickly.

        They are closed SUNDAY and after 4pm... se be ware. Also the neighborhood isn't the greatest, but it's perfectly safe durinng the day.

        1. Phillipes for a French Dip, great potato or macaroni salad and great dill pickles. Do not skip this LA institution

          1. I concur with the Langers rec. Also, there's great fresh (reasonably inexpensive) seafood at Fisherman's Outlet on Central/5th. Both are only open on Sat.

            Both are very casual places.