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Aug 2, 2006 03:33 PM

Recent Dining Experience in Harvard Square?

I'm looking for a healthy dinner tonight in Harvard Sq (before I go see The Goonies on the big screen at the Brattle-hooray!). Maybe a grilled chicken/shrimp salad or a couple of light apps (read: starch-free, but I PROMISE I'm not one of "those" people.)

Last week I hit up fka Pho Pasteur for the shredded cabbage salad w/ poached chicken & shrimp. Looking for something a little livlier tonight. Was thinking Cambridge 1 for a salad, but wondering what kind of summer goodness might be on the menu at the unmentionable restaurant or Upstairs on the Square or Casablanca (haven't been there in ages).

I'm walking from Porter, would like to keep it under $20-$25, dining solo. Have you had any good summer salads or could soups in the Square recently?

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    1. re: Taralli

      What do you like there? I haven't been in at least 2-3 years!

      1. re: MB fka MB

        I was going to suggest Casablanca too. I like the octopus and the salad with poached egg. The short ribs are always popular, too.

        1. re: Pia

          I agree that Casablanca is a great choice, they've a good mixed middle eastern appetizer plate, and I'm sure much more veggie stuff. Really nice atmosphere also IMO.

    2. If you are starting out at Porter, maybe you could try the Japanese food court at the Porter Exchange. They have a lot of great little stalls where you could get a healthy sushi or stir fry meal.

      Another option in Harvard Sq. is the Veggie Planet restaurant at Passim (on Palmer St., almost directly across from the Border Cafe). Good veggie food, and certainly light and healthy if you order a salad or something.

      1. May be too much but Henrietta's Table could be worth checking out.

        1. The Harvard Square Legal Seafoods outside at the Charles has some nice salads and light dinner options.

          1. Try the chicken larb at Spice Thai on Holyoke Street -- you can ask for brown rice instead of white, but to tell the truth you get so much larb that I often don't end up touching the rice anyway!

            Penang is also good for a quick bite, although I normally hit them for lunch (the lunch portion of their rendang is just right).