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Aug 2, 2006 03:22 PM

Bonterra - Calgary

I went here for dinner last night. One of the most beautiful patio's in Calgary (right up there with Cilantro), but the food here is sub-par. This has been my 3rd time I've been taken there in about the last year and each meal is continually bland. Too bad, its a nice space.

Does anyone else hate it when they dont put salt on the table? I know this is the way chef's are saying that there food doesn't need any more flavour, but its annoying when the dish is truly bland...and you're paying $25 for it.

I had the scampi liguini which said it was in a spicy tomato cream sauce. not one tablespoon of cream, not even approaching spicy a..just tomatoes. adnt he linguini was dried out like it hadnt been tossed with the sauce in the pan. My mom had the pesto linguini with scallops which also had no flavour. their version of the ceasar salad to start was nice tho..and the wine list is at leat appropriately priced and not 'everything $40 or more'.

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  1. Yeah, I've never been a fan of their pastas--- Capo's are 100x better for similar prices, though the portion size is smaller

    1. I think you'll find most people concur on the Bonterra review. I've had to go for work functions and other parties, and the food was always no where near their price point.

      What i really wanted to reply to was the salt question. Plainly, it drives me nuts. To me, it's a pretentious artifact left over from the mid-90's when chef's told you "what and how" to eat. These days, i like to think most chefs have a better understanding that different people have different tastes, and if someone adds a bit of salt because it will increase their enjoyment the dish, good on them.

      Thankfully, i've seen this fad phase out over time. I am genuinely surprised that they still operate that way - even meals i've had at pretentious restaurants serving 25-30 dish tasting courses with foam everything had salt and a pepper mill on the table!

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        I am in total and heartfelt agreement with the salt situation. So many "high-end" restaurants force you to request/grovel for a shaker of the stuff, responding with an "oh" and an arched eyebrow. Maddening. Although my penchant for the stuff may be excessive.. my father was worried that I would give birth to an anchovy when I was pregnant.

        1. re: alex8alot

          No such thing as excessive when it comes to salt :)

      2. The original comment has been removed