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Aug 2, 2006 03:08 PM

Santa Clara area poor student chow spots

Here are the requirements:
1. Great food
2. Large portions
3. Cheap

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  1. How about a Korean or Indian buffet? Korea House or Mayuri? Won Ton House on El Camino is cheap and good (not great) for Cantonese noodle and rice dishes. University Chicken near SCU.

    Based on your screen name, I'm guessing that you're a Chinese girl from Hawaii. An L&L Drive Inn is opening up in the new San Jose Marketplace on Coleman Ave. Food should be good, cheap, and plentiful.


    1. Su's Mongolian
      Mio Vicino for Italian (not very cheap but excellent value for the price)
      Kabab & Currys for Indian/Pakistani food (cheap and good)
      Sara's Kitchen for huge breakfast
      Furthest away from SCU is Pho Thanh Long on El Camino/San Tomas

        1. which school are you attending? here's my quick list in the area.

          these are not the BEST tasting places, but you can't be choosy on a student budget.

          i'll have to second su's mongolian

          corner place - korean
          ariyake - japanese/sushi
          miyake - japanese/sushi
          cupertino village - tons of chinese/taiwanese choices here
          ranch 99 - dim sum and take out
          wahoo's - baja/mexican
          la victoria's - mexican
          yiassoo - greek/gyros
          st john's - burgers - check the nightly specials
          falafel drive in - greek
          milpitas square - many chinese choices again - family delight cafe in particular
          yoshinoya - japanese something or other

          ok...this list is a bit disappointing, i prefer the student spots in berkeley =P

          1. 1) Mayuri (SC) - Indian buffet!
            2) Kabab N Curry (SC) - Order kababs off the menu
            3) Giovanni's (Sunnyvale) - Rustica slices!
            4) Noah's Bagels (SC) - Love the tuna fish on a bagel that comes with potato salad and a pickle for $4.50

            1) Amber Cafe, Mountain View
            2) Panera, San Jose