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Aug 2, 2006 02:56 PM

Atlanta late afternoon on a Monday suggestions, pls.

I'm going to Six Flags w/ two other adults. There...I've admitted it. I want to ride Superman.

So, on the way back home to Greenville, probably between 2-3, where should we eat? I would love to not spend two hours getting into and out of Atlanta proper. We will be on 20 to 285, to 85 north, OR we might take 400 up to the premium outlets.

What can you suggest that would be open, be great food, not be too hard for occasional Atlanta tourists to find? No BBQ, thanks, otherwise we like everything...fancy, casual, whatever. TIA!

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  1. Try Muss and Turner's. It's a great new spot right off of 285 (closer to 20 than 85). They have great sandwiches and a food and wine shop. It's quick and delicious.

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      Good Heavens, I think that's perfect!! It's like you know me. I LOVE Chowhound.


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        My only caveat (and it's not food-related--have heard good things about M&T) would be that the closest route back to I-85 is eastbound I-285 (what's referred to as the top end Perimeter, inner ring), and you just never know what traffic's going to be like on the top end. No matter what the weekday, it's guaranteed that the ramp to I-85N will start backing up about 3. Also watch out for major construction at I-85 and Ga. 316; it backs things up in all directions.

        Here's a great resource for Atlanta traffic:
        Let us know about your visit to Muss and Turner's!

        1. re: thgazelle

          Thanks. I would have done 285 anyway, although looking at the traffic map I almost wonder if driving straight through downtown isn't a better route to 20 in the morning. My plan is to hit 85/285 around 9:30...traffic clear by then?...then hope to make Six Flags by 10:00. Realistic?

          We will shoot to be on 85 north before 3, then. If we decide to go up 400 to the there anything I need to know about that?

          I am printing M&T's menu for my husband. Will buy him his choice of sandwich and bring it home in a cooler. I think you have saved me much grief over burning a vacation day to go act juvenile if he gets himself a nice roast beef or pastrami! I'll report back.

          1. re: danna

            I'm not totally sure about 285 from 85 to 400 in the morning. But I end up going around the perimeter from around 400 across sometimes and don't have trouble. the 285/20 intersection can be backed up some on the west side. And you get to watch the backup on 285 from 75 down to 20, coming the other direction.

            You don't want to head all the way downtown in the AM. It can be OK or really slow. There's no rhyme to why.