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Aug 2, 2006 02:27 PM

Current Best Greek on the Danforth?

Yes, yes. I know this question has been asked many times over the past few years but a search reveals outdated info, links to websites that no longer work, etc. So I'm asking again. Here's the situation. I moved to Toronto last month and the 'rents are coming for a visit this weekend. To make it more complicated, step-father is Greek and a bit of a pain in the ass at times. So I need a place on The Danforth that is unpretentious, doesn't cost a mint, but has Greek food good enough to please, well, a Greek. Suggestions?



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  1. I really like the The prices are a little higher that most but still not too bad.

    1. Seconded. The grilled calamari at Pantheon is not to be missed, flavourful and tender. You can have it as appetizer or entree.

      1. Bad weekend. Tell them to come back next weekend for Taste of Danforth (2.5 day street fair, lots of food).

        But if they must come, Mezes is my place of choice. Best fried Calamari. Great service too! But I've never been to Pantheon, so I can't compare.

        1. I would second Mezes. They have a huge list of mezes to choose from. It is also the busiest place on the strip so be prepared to wait for a table.

          The other place I really like is Avli, they have a lot of different dishes that go beyond the usual souvlaki/rice/potato/salad combos. Their Rabbit pie is really good

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            I third Mezes!

            The grilled octopus is heavan and the roasted eggplant sprikeled with feta is the simplest but best I have ever had!


          2. I'm probably going to get roasted for saying this, but I've always liked Omonia. Unpretentious & cheap would be an understatement. It's all about the food.