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Meat cake!

A recipe for a fabulous new meatloaf:


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  1. You are a GENIUS! And a guy, too! Sexist, maybe, but only in total admiration of your achievement. So what were the eaters' initial responses after their first bites?

    1. That is truly genius at work!!! I love people like you....creativity is the foremost answer to any challenge!

      1. Wow. Just wow. I finally found the perfect cake for my boyfriend's birthdays. I think I'll use hamburger patties to make a miniature one.

        Or, for the lazier among us, meat cupcakes!

        1. I love this post! What a great idea and it looks good too. Wish I'd known about this before my son got married, he'd have loved it--but I'm going to do it for his next b-day! Really, really clever!

          1. Jeremy Osner....you are a Cooking God!!!!!

              1. Eh. It's not a new recipe, just a different way to construct a meatloaf w/ mashed potatoes. While I admire the effort to make the meatloaf look like a cake, it's nothing more than a parlor trick.

                Now if it were really a cake w/ meat in it...THAT might be interesting!

                1. i think it passes the interesting test. i'd eat a slice

                  1. Wow -- thanks for the compliments everyone -- alas the work is not mine, just a cool link I found. Sorry to give the wrong impression. I ought to have said that in the original post.

                    1. Martha did this, too. She even used peas and carrots as decorations.


                      1. Wow...my brother-in-law sent me this link. The zany thing is that I immediately started critiquing it: ketchup glaze? Bad move with the potatoes, if you despise it on fries as much as I do. How about basing it on a demi-glace, with shallots and duxelles? And use finely chopped garlic chives to decorate the potato "icing"...which, incidentally, should NOT be flakes! Just because this guy likes peels and lumps in his mashed spuds doesn't mean he has to resort to such ghastly measures as FLAKES! Somebody give this guy a potato peeler and a ricer!

                        Yeah, I think it could be nice. I'm saving the recipe...

                        1. One of my coworkers says she made something like this for the birthday of a boyfriend who doesn't eat sweets -- she called it a mashed potato cake. Personally, I find it a little off-putting, but it's pretty creative.

                          Sarah C.