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Aug 2, 2006 02:18 PM

Foodie in Vegas....with a baby!

Need recommendations for fantastic restaurants that would welcome a 7 month old! He won't eat much, but my husband and I love decadent meals and are stumped for finding places that would welcome our little one.

We are also leaving him with a babysitter one night so we can go somewhere special...we're thinking of Picasso but would entertain any other thoughts. Thanks!

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  1. I think this is a very tough one. Vegas, assuming you want something on the strip, is an adult party town. I don't know if an infant will be welcomed. Now I'm sure there are plenty places off strip that you'd be fine at, I'm just not as sure about the strip. I've never seen children at Delmonico, NobHill, etc. I know that infants are often quiet and sleep a lot, but how you would you feel if you were the couple having a special night out in a fantastic restaurant and you had to hear a baby crying? If you're at In-n-Out no problem, but somewhere nice in Vegas . . .

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      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. Folks,

          Please keep the regional boards focused on where to find good chow. The merits and hassles of babies in restaurants are off-topic here--if you have more to say on the matter, check out the Not About Food board.


          1. Despite the earlier postings, I believe that a well-behaved baby is welcome at almost any restaurant, even on the strip. I have seen patrons at strip restaurants behave worse than most babies! That being said, it is probably wise to stay away from very protracted dinners. I think Bouchon would be fine with a baby; if you like Japanese food/sushi, I think Okada in the Wynn would be great (and has a nice waterfall that could be amusing; you might also consider some fun lunches. Local restaurants are also worth considering, including Todd's in Henderson (about twenty minutes off the strip).
            For your special meal, Picasso is very good, but I would also consider Joel Rubichon at the Mansion or Guy Savoy at CPalace (if price is no object). Alex at the Wynn is also very good. I have eaten at Joel Rubichon Atelier, and it was terrific. The Mansion is supposed to be even better...