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steamed hamburgers

I recently saw something on TV about a place that makes steamed burgers. I think it is somewhere in CT. Has anyone heard of it?

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  1. You're talking about Ted's Steamed Cheeseburgers in Meriden, Ct.


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    1. Could be Louis Lunch in New Haven-- the "original" burger!

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        Louis Lunch doesn't steam them. They are flame roasted vertically in an old custom cooker.

      2. While Ted's may be the touchstone, O'Rourke's diner in Middletown also has steamed hamburgers. I seem to remember that they are not offered on Sunday when more esoteric items take over the menu, but others may want to correct me on that.

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          O'Rourke's burned last winter, go to the website and contribute to its rebuilding.

        2. also, rosco's big dog in hartford has ted's style steamed burgs.

          1. On Saturday, I went to Ted's for my first time. My girlfriend and I really enjoyed sitting at the counter and watching the cook prepare the burgers. Each burger and each block of cheese goes it's its own separate metal container, then into the steamer. They sell a lot of burgers! Home fries with cheese are really good too.

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                All should be aware that O'Rourke's in Middletown burned down a few years ago and is in the process of re-building...I think they are saying mid Novenber to open again.

                Steamed burgers are indigineous to the lower CT River valley...but in reality...while the infamous White castle chain uses a grill...they also steam their burgers if requested. Also...the grill is kept so low because the patties are so thin...in essense they are poached in their own liquids.

                Two things that are grey in CT...steamed burgers and clam chowder...(some call it Rhode island style...)

            1. I should probably mention that if anyone is really hankering for a steamed burger, you don't have to go to CT. Nashua, NH has a place that has them (Comets).

              (I wouldn't want anyone to drive to CT just for steamed hamburgers. Most people don't seem to care for them all that much)

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                Every guest I've brought to Ted's for a steamed cheeseburger would gladly return - so I'm not sure if "most people don't seem to care for them all that much". Virtually everyone that I bring has never had a steamed cheeseburger - so its not like I'm poaching some secret steamed cheeseburger club. I think its more than just a cooking method. For instance, say Domino's was the only pizza place in town - it wouldn't really be accurate to say that most people dont care for pizza, would it? I don't know anything about Comets - but I can vouch for Ted's.

                The cheese at Ted's is a wonderful thing. Forget the ideas of a slice of american making it a cheeseburger. Just a straight up blue collar joint serving a fine rendition of a cheeseburger (I'd advise to get it with salt, or salt & pepper, in addition to your normal toppings - unless you prefer a very low, or perhaps an "un", salted burger)

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                  I'm not disagreeing with you all that much, I enjoyed my Ted's burger myself, but all of the people with me there, and a few other number of people here on Chowhound, thought it was somewhat overrated. I myself put it in the "don't go that far out of your way for these" category.

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                    I'd agree with that. I would definitely not drive from out of state to visit - but if passing down/up 91 or 15, it can make for a nice road stop. Pretty much an easy on/off. At the end of the day, its a hamburger place, so expectations shouldnt be too wild.

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                  comets is in tyingsborough mass not nashua nh about 1 block from the tyings. police station

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                    Umm, there are multiple Comets locations. 233 Main St in Nashua. If you don't believe me I can send a picture.

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                      KASZETA please accept my apology i was unaware of the other location

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                        No apology necessary. I kind of like Comets, although I opt for the grilled burger myself.

                  2. Hi Guys

                    I was just Googling Ted's because I'm going to pick up my daughter from summer camp up in Ellington CT early Saturday morning. It's a horse riding camp for girls and they do an end of the session show early Saturday morning so we go up Friday afternoon. Last year was our first, and after seeing the Hamburger doc the OP mentioned we decided to search out Ted's. It's almost exactly on our way as we go north, albeit from 95 - 84 the whole way would be easier and prettier, but that's the sacrifice we're willing to make and the sacrifice we will make again this Friday. I can't say I'd drive three hours from Brooklyn only to go to Ted's but I'd certainly drive an hour. It's unique, bizarre, tasty, sloppy, indulgent, and American. You guys don't realize how good you have it. We mostly have trendy burgers from not good enough restaurants, or not good enough burgers from trendy restaurants - I can't wait til it burns out....

                    Anyway, we love it! I bought the neat t-shirt with embroidered logo (!) and I might even embarrass my wife and wear it there.

                    Also, Saturday afternoon on the way back we'll do a huge detour south-east as we did last year and go to Johnny Ad's for lobster rolls, RI chowder, and fried belly clams. You can't find ANY of that stuff in NY! (Well, you can find lobster rolls in a couple city joints but yr gonna PAY).