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Aug 2, 2006 01:38 PM

Lobster Reuben Sandwiches

When I lived on Nantucket in the 90's the White Elephant used to have the most divine lobster reuben sandwich with all the real stuff - sauerkraut, russian dressing, swiss cheese on rye. Another company took over and it is no longer on the menu. Has anyone seen this on a menu in the Boston, Cape or North Shore area? I would love to find it (yes, I could make it myself but it is never the same!)

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  1. Go to B&G Oysters, sit at the counter, order a lobster BLT, and ask them to consider adding it to the menu. Given how good their lobster BLT is, I'm guessing they could do wonders with a lobster reuben.

    1. Problem is that if anyone else made it, it wouldn't be the same, either. Maybe next time you're there (or call them) you can find out who the chef was at the time and where he might have gone. Or find someone that's still around from before and has some info on that sandwich.

      1. Not to denigrate your fond memories, but lobster in place of corned beef in a Reuben, with sauerkraut and the rest, strikes me as an odd idea. Wouldn't that delicate, sweet flavor be clobbered by those other strong flavors?

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          That was my reaction. I went to a place in Marathon, FL which was known for them; and found the flavors to not go well together at all.

          1. I don't know B&G Oysters (I'm from the North Shore but have lived in Switzerland for 8 years). Where is it? As for lobster BLT, I'll pass. Scallops wrapped in bacon turn my stomach and I imagine lobster and bacon would do the same!