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Aug 2, 2006 01:12 PM

Dinner in Braintree Area

Hello everyone, I am meeting some friends in Braintree tonight and was wondering if anyone knew of any restaurants in that area. The restaurants need not be fancy, just decent food. I would really appreciate any suggestions. Thanks!!

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  1. Braintree itself doesn't have many decent restaurants. Sintra is supposed to be good, but it's pretty fancy. El Sarape in East Braintree (Weymouth Landing) has excellent Mexican food and is a causal spot. Campanale's is an Italian restaurant in South Braintree that can be really good or really bad, depending on the night.

    You might want to head next door to Quincy (Classic India, Trattoria Alba, and Little Q are all good choices in the center of town) or Weymouth (the Venetian in Jackson Square has good Italian food, excellent pork chops, and decent pizza).

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      I have eaten at Sintra only once, but I thought it was excellent an not expensive given the quality. Mt take is that it is New American with Iberian influences.

    2. If you're a Thai fan, you might try Cafe Asiana--near Campanale's on the corner diagonally opposite.

      1. Most of the restaurants I go to in Braintree are chains. However, that isn't necessarily so bad. I like Bugaboo Creek, which is on Mahar Hwy, near the T station.

        I also ate for the first time at a new place called Famous Dave's BBQ, which is next door to Bugaboo. It just opened. It's a national chain place, but to be honest we really enjoyed the food. The St. Louis ribs I had were delicious, and my friend had the combo platter with chicken and brisket, and he enjoyed it very much. The Margaritas were also excellent.

        I know it wouldn't rate with a "real" southern BBQ place, but it was reasonably-priced, had a nice (but somewhat kitschy) atmosphere, and good service.

        One other option, another chain, Rock Bottom Brewery at South Shore Plaza. The food there was pretty good, as well, and the beer is good...and COLD :)

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            Are you doubling poker style (a good bet) or bridge-style (you think it's a loser)? ;-)

          2. Thanks for all your advice. We ened up at Rock Bottom as the family i was visiting has two young children and the meal was fine. Thanks again for your tips!