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Aug 2, 2006 12:49 PM

Bountiful Brunch Buffet


Can anybody recommend a high-quality brunch buffet in Manhattan? I imagine some of the good hotels may have them?

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  1. Sunday: Water Club (nice view), Ambassador Grill (not sure if still available there and a bit dreary the setting but way too much food)

    1. I went to a sunday buffet brunch at the Marquis Marriot a few years ago - it was pretty good, lots of food, expensive. it is at the restaurant at the top of the hotel & it spins around. whether any buffet brunch is worth the money - that's up for discussion.

      1. Funny you should ask!!! Just this past Sunday, we had a FABULOUS brunch at Cafe Botanica (in the Essex House Hotel).It's called the Champagne Brunch, and it's plentiful, delicious, and in a beautiful room.
        There is a vast buffet (bread, cheese, shrimp, crab legs,pasta,salads and on and on) AND you get to choose an actual entree that is prepard to order. Two of us had the Asian salmon, one had the tenderloin (I think that's what is was), one had the French toast (which was scumptious), and one of us had poached eggs. All of us were very happy with our selections, and were completely stuffed. However, we all dragged ourselves to the dessert table, which was, again, a feast.
        I highly recommend this place for a great meal, loads of choices well prepared, and a beautiful setting.

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          Sounds wondeful! How much was it a person? Was the champagne endless?

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            I answered above and forgot about Cafe Botanica--yes, it's great-definitely two notches above the rest. It's a buffet for appetizers and desserts--you order the entree off the menu. I don't think the champagne was endless but I may be mistaken. Suggest asking for a window table when reserving ahead. It's more expensive than the rest--last time I was there it was about $50 a person. Again, I may be mistaken. At least 3+ years ago since I was there.

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              It was $65.00 per person, and I don't know if the champagne was unlimited, but they did refill our glasses twice, and then, when they came around again, we declined the offer.You CAN have too much of a good thing!!