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Peterstown - Elizabeth, NJ

Angelina Aug 2, 2006 12:35 PM

Hello everyone. I have not been here since my friend moved out along with her family in 1995. We used to love Spirito's for there homemade ravioli and pizza! Yum! Well, I was just wondering if it is worth my journey to see if anything new has opened here? Is Spirito's still there? Is it still good as I remember? I also remember buying Italian ice from a vendor in a garage??? Is that still there?

Just curious...and hungry to go back! :)

  1. jfood Sep 8, 2006 10:07 PM

    Spiritos should be given a gold plaque as an historic site.

    Grew up in the Big E and Spiritos was the place to go for pizza after a little league game, on a lazy weekend or just on a friday night for some great homemade food. It was like going to grandma's for lasagne. My wife, not an Elizabethian, got tired of hearing about when we were first married and told me to put my slice where my mouth was. So down to Spritos we went. She was an immediate convert. We moved out of NJ 10 years ago and still long for a booth in the back.

    1. HillJ Sep 8, 2006 12:06 AM

      Yes, Spirito's is still there. Still crazy neighborhood parking, still dark panelled, line around to the restrooms but the pie, ravioli, cutlets and soda "shots" are also the same, good homemade Italian food. No fuss no muss and still a great meal. DO NOT LEAVE without trying the garlic salad!

      I've been going for 40 plus years and always leave with a container of "gravy."

      Good eats!

      1. a
        albinoni Aug 2, 2006 02:25 PM

        The ice place is still there. We stopped by after having dinner at the nearby Front Street Smokehouse (see separate thread on this board). It was about 8:15 pm, and several people were sitting on beachchairs in the driveway. When I walked up, one lady said, she was sorry, they closed early because they ran out. So, we have to get back there to try it out (and see if the lemon ices are as good as Court Pastry in Brooklyn).

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