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Aug 2, 2006 12:00 PM

It's Hot...I need to make a cold dinner!

Any suggestions other than salad for a cold dinner? The only one that I could think up is a Antipasto Skewers...where you take fresh cheese, olives, and other foods to roll up like Italian ham or salami or roasted peppers and put them on skewers for a cold & easy dinner. Any suggestions out there?

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  1. I asked this same question a while ago & got numerous inspiring's the link...

    1. Last night we just had cheeses, prosciutto, mortadella, bread, tomatoes (finally good ones) and some bread. I did make a cold, no cook soup ... put in the blender chopped roasted peppers (jarred), chicken broth, some salt, a little lemon juice and some olive oil. Didn't eat it last night - plan to add some basil chiffonade tonight when I serve it.

      1. I've been living on smoothies, and yes, it's getting boring. The bags of frozen fruit from Trader Joe's are perfect for this, plus plain yogurt, and just enough coconut water to help my blender along. I often will toss a banana into the mix. One more day of heat here in N.Y. and then I'll be cooking again.

        1. Get some soba noodles, cook it then shock it in ice water. Add soy sauce, mirin, a dash of rice wine vinegar (or yuzu), scallions, a little bit of roasted pepper, ground pepper, and some slivers of an omelette. I made something similar but not exactly the same as this, turned out pretty good.

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            I make cold soba too. I serve it with a side of firm silken tofu diced in a sauce of soy, grated ginger, and green onion.

          2. Last night we had gazpacho and sandwiches. Tonight we're having corn soup from the Sunday Suppers book by Suzanne Goin, and couscous. I'm hoping that tomorrow's weather will be less awful.