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Aug 2, 2006 10:19 AM

putney one veggie one omnivore

What is there to eat in Putney that is good and not too expensive, and has at least a few vegetarian options?

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  1. The Front Porch Cafe (breakfast, lunch, brunch) on the Village green has vegetarian options (middle eastern plate, quiches, sandwiches). They are also open for dinner on Friday nights. Food and decor both great. Brunch is $12.95 on Sundays for all you can eat buffet that includes Mimosas and Mocha Joe's coffee. I think this place will be your best bet.

    The Putney Co-op a little further S on Rte 5 has a deli and buffet as well and they have many vegetarian options.

    Probably the least vegetarian friendly, but then I've really never looked for it here, is the Putney Diner. Featuring typical diner food, great breakfasts, hearty dinner fare. Check out the white board for the breakfast and dinner specials. The eggs florentine is made with grilled biscuits instead of english muffins and is one of my favorites when its available. Pies are yummy and made by one of the owners. Dinner fare is various baked fish, chicken, steak dishes. Recently they had a baked stuffed haddock, spinach and feta stuffed chicken and cajun prime rib. They also have staples like mac and cheese. There may even be more vegie options on the menu, I just never look at the menu and usually order off the board. We did have the chicken fried steak off the menu recently and that was good and cheap ($7.95).

    The pizza place and the general store I don't go to anymore (pizza place owners recently bought the general store and have been horrible to long time employees, replacing them all, made very unpopular changes). It never was great pizza anyway.

    If you need general store kind of stuff, go N on Rte 5 several hundred feet and right across from Basketville is Mountain Paul's General Store. Brand new, nice guy running it.

    That's pretty much it for Putney food-wise. I hope you enjoy your stay.

    1. I forgot that the diner has a website:

      It has a sample menu and there are actually several vegie offerings (hummus plate, vegie lasagna, etc.). Plus there's a coupon for 10% off your meal.

      AND, I can't believe I forgot the pub. JD's north of the village (Rte 5 above Basketville). Great pub fare, open deck.

      Also The Putney Inn is supposed to be a nice dinner place but I haven't been yet.

      I did purposefully omit Curtis' BBQ because its so hit and miss and lately its been miss. But there are people who swear by it. You can do a search on this board to see what other people have been saying about it.

      1. Putney Inn is very good, excellent high quality ingredients, I've eaten there many times over the years, though not in the last year...

        The menu found on-line suggests mighty slim offerings for vegetarians, though....