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Aug 2, 2006 06:57 AM

Delicious Bakery?

Hi-My mother is turning 60, and we're visiting the city. I'd love to order a fabulous birthday cake for her. Any recommendations?

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  1. my friend recently got a birthday cake from billy's bakery in chelsea, and it was delicious. sugar sweet sunshine, on rivington st, is also great as is masterbakers (in the old devil moon restaurant on 12th st). all of these places have a southern/home-style bent.

    1. I love Amy's Bread cakes, especially the yellow cake w/pink frosting.

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        Two Little Red Hens in the Upper East Side and in Brooklyn. They make the best cakes! Call ahead and they'll hold the cake for you, as many of their best cakes, such as cheesecake and strawberry shortcake, sell out quickly.

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          Second Amy's! For me it's the double chocolate. Rich without being overly sweet or sugary.

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            I agree, the yellow cake with pink frosting is DELICIOUS--just bought a slice last week!

          2. Black Hound on 2nd avenue makes the best bee cake -- it's my all time favorite!

            1. If you want a sophisticated cake you could go to Financier Patisserie on 62 Stone St. It's fabulous as well as their pastries.

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                I haven't had the cakes at Financier but they do make amazingly tasty (and beautiful) pastries...

                I would also second Two Little Red Hens for great cheesecake, a beautifully layered strawberry shortcake, their Brooklyn Blackout cake, or their Brooklyn Cream. These are beautifully decorated too, so that may be a plus for the special occasion.

              2. The chocolate cake w. buttercream icing at Billy's is a winner. We served it at our wedding and everyone (including ourselves) loved it. If your Mom happens to like strawberry shortcake, try Citarella, their version is delicious.