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Aug 2, 2006 06:51 AM

Kosher fast food chains in Israel

I will be going, with G-d's help, to Israel in a few weeks. It seems everybody has a different idea about the Kashruth status of the fast food chains and it seems to always change. Any information on what chains have kosher establishments in Israel would be appreciated. Is there still a KFC? a Sbarros? any of the others? In advance, thank you all.

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  1. As with any restaurant in Israel you have to check that the specific branch is Kosher and has a valid certificate
    There are a few Kosher McDonalds,Burger Kings,Sbarros, KFC, etc but there are many more unkosher branches of these chains
    Just don't assume that just because it was Kosher here then it is Kosher there even in the same city or same mall
    McDonalds once had 2 nonkosher branches and one Kosher one at the Kanyon Hazahav in Rishon Le Tzion (How the local Rabbinut agreed to that I will never understand but that is a whole different can of worms)
    Just check and you should do fine

    1. Ramat Gan has a Kosher McDonald's in the center of the city, across from Burger Ranch, which is a kosher chain.

      1. Sorry to disagree with you but Burger Ranch is NOT a
        kosher chain. While they have many Kosher branches they have many unkosher ones also
        My previous advice still holds true regarding any food establishment-----make sure they have an up to date original Certificate (not a photo copy)

        1. as a result of a deal with the rabbanut, i think, at the kosher mcdonalds the whole fornt area/menu board ect thingy is blue and the nonkosher ones are red. you have to be very careful with most of the fast food chains because none of them are ALL kosher, some are and some arent. there is still sabrros, on yaffo in jerusalem and KFC in the mevasseret mall, which i think is still kosher, i dont know of any kosher burger kings as the one on ben yehuda lost its teudah, though still advertises as kosher, the only kosher mcdonalds are the ones in the airport and the one in the mevasseret mall

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              American chains only or others? (Big Apple Pizza is mehadrin & quite good, but I think it's Israeli.) Jerusalem only?
              Sbarro on Yaffo closed a while ago.

              1. re: almond tree

                Kosher versions of traif places like burger king, KFC, McDonalds,

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                  Burger King and KFC on Ben Yehuda are closed. The McDonalds on Emek Refaim and other parts of Jerusalem are Treif. While I have not been there recently, there might still be a Kosher KFC and Pizza Hut in the mall in Jerusalem. Also, while I have not been there recently, there was a kosher McDonalds and KFC in the Mevaseret Mall. I am pretty sure the kosher McDonalds closed in the airport, but I was told there is now a kosher Pizza Hut in its place.

                  1. re: kosherjewishfoodie

                    There is a new Pizza Hut on Shamai Street across from the McDonald's - I know the McDonald's isn't kosher but I don't know about the new Pizza Hut.

                    Overall though, I think that the advice about double checking any chain (Israeli or not) about their kashrut is a good plan. Israeli chains like Aroma have non-kosher locations. Also given recent political issues with the rabbinute a few places in Jerusalem that used to be kosher have now opted to stop. So if certificats are important to you, just give a quick check - especially in the shuk in Jerusalem.