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Aug 2, 2006 05:55 AM

Orange-Basil Sorbet Report..... (w/PHOTO)

I made the Orange-Basil Sorbet (Photo Below)

It is tart, refreshing, and elegant. The basil flavor is not pronounced. There is a background essence that comes through, but next time I will let it steep longer for a more intense basil flavor.


My next version will be a Lime-Basil Sorbet....

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  1. beautiful-- I feel refreshed just looking at that picture :)

    1. Gorgeous! Lime-basil sounds more appealing just on a gut level, but I think I'll have to try orange-basil just to see what it's like. Please let us know which one you like better.

      What's that background in the photo? So pretty.

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      1. re: Pei

        Thanks--the background is a perennial flower in my garden (can find name if you want).

        I was shooting and noticed it, and thought--what a perfect backdrop (color-wise). It was difficult holding the glass in one hand & the camera in the other, and trying to keep both still!

      2. That is a great picture. A restaurant where I worked once made pineapple-basil lemonade, too. The pineapple and the basil, with just a whisper of salt and some lemon for tart - thanks for reminding me!

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        1. re: valrhona

          You beat me to it... Cafe Poca Cosa does a pineapple-basil agua fresca, and it's worth a swoon or two.