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Aug 2, 2006 05:36 AM

Vancouver, BC

I am going to be in Vancouver city, BC for three nights and in northern Vancouver Island for about a week. Looking for recomendations for great seafood, wine and just food in general?


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  1. If you have the budget for a splurge, do not miss West. Arguably the finest restaurant in North America. If you have a little less than a splurge in you, they do an early prix fixe before 6PM that offers 3 each entrees, appies and desserts and will save you a bunch of bucks while still delivering the whole West experience. The room, service and of course the food are all exquisitely good.

    1. groovin gourmet and i always agree on this. Go to West if you want the definitive Vancouver experience. Get the tasting menu or even request a custom meal off the menu. Ive done it numerous times and always had a near perfect experience.

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        I will definitely make it to west, but I am a college student so as for the rest of the trip I will need to eat like one, though I have enough money to stay away from fast food(far away). Any rec's for where I could go on Vancouver Island.

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          Tofino, to be sure, because it's natural and it's beautiful and dramatic and you can spend the day having a memorable experience for nothing at all. Or if you don't mind spending a bit you can take one of the whale watching zodiak tours. If you've spent wisely you can splurge on dinner at the Wichaninnish which is first class food in a dining room that has ocean and forest views. In their "season" they pipe in the sounds of the storm's fury as they pound the coast. Truely memorable!

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            I really need to catch up on my Vancouver posts and do a full report(I hope to do so this weekend), but as a college student, I wouldn't necessarily spend my limited funds on West...I had high expectations but was somewhat disappointed. One of the dishes I had there was the salmon, and it was somewhat overcooked. Good, but definitely not amazing. The oysters were great, but I am sure there are other, less expensive places for nice raw oysters in Vancouver....and the dessert was pretty unexciting chocolate cake...OTOH, I loved Chambar and it had a much more entertaining vibe if that matters (West was quiet, which was fine for me, but then I am over 50)...

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              Just as a reality check since I am still behind on posts: just got the credit card bill and with the (not very favorable) exchange rate, our dinner with tax and tip was $230 (US), and we had the early bird specials! (though also had two cocktails, some oysters, and a decent but not mind-blowing bottle of wine). So, no, on reflection, definitely not worth the price, and I certainly could never afford meals at that range in college...

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                I was confused here I think, or just travelling too much, as, while I don't have my notes, hubby confirms what I remember now, which is that it was two *half* bottles of wine and one cocktail...but price was indeed about $230 US ($250 Canadian) any case, it was the food that I remember and that didn't really impress. here is my report:


        2. On the weekend, for lunch, try the Urban Thai buffet, for $10.99. You still order off the menue. Fabulous

          1. Thanks for all the rec's Im in victoria now.

            1. Thanks everyone for your help. Just got home in L.A., and to say the least miss the sea food.
              Chow on my brothers and sisters,