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2002 Conti Leopardi Dittajuti Rosso Conero Vigneti del Coppo - Tastes like fruit

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Seems like the name of this wine in the title will be longer than my notes on it. (g)

We enjoyed the Conti Leopardi Dittajuti with a couple Neopolitan style pies at Pizzeria Picco in Larkspur, CA on Sunday night. Here's the posting -

Dark dusky fruit with some dried herbal/spicy notes and stony undertones in a medium-bodied frame, brightened with refreshing acidity. Lip-smackingly delicious with our pizza.

And it brought out this remark from "Windy": "One of the things we commented on was the earthiness of the red wines: dark purple food wines, unmistakably the product of grapes. Is it fair to complain about wines that have lost their relationship to the fruit they come from?"


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  1. "Is it fair to complain about wines that have lost their relationship to the fruit they come from?"

    Definitely fair game in my book. It's rather seldom that we describe a wine as tasting of grapes, but what could be more logical and natural. Instead we drag out out every descriptor possible - cassis, olives, licorice, linden flower, etc. Don't even get me going on the impact of modern winemaking - reverse osmosis, chips, Merlot in everything!

    Thanks for the tip on the Rosso Conero - meeting some friends tonight at Picco - my first visit.

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      What was interesting about this evening is that we had three OLD world wines and the immediate comment was on the fruitiness. Yes, the earth was there, but in the absence of new oak, the grapey qualities soared.

      One of the friends with us is in the barrel business. At first I apologized to him for admiring the judicious use of wood in these, but he said that he tries to sell this kind of subtlety.