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Aug 2, 2006 04:30 AM

Restaurants that we shouldn't miss

We're headed up to Montreal this weekend and were interested in recommendations for restaurants that we shouldn't miss. We'll be staying in downtown Montreal. Our price range is flexible although we prefer places where the entrees are in the 25 dollarish range or below. We're open to any cuisine as long as it's good and it's a favorite of those on this board. We appreciate any help you can provide. Thanks!

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  1. My favorite in Mtl is called Yoyo. It is in the Plateau Mont-Royal, which is the trendy area, and it is a BYOW. It is located at the corner of Marquette and Gilford. It is French food and one of the best. The BYOW doesn't mean a thing here. Lots of restaurants are like that because it attracts a lot of people.

    1. Still on the BYOW and on Gilford corner of Cartier is le Pégase. On Duluth there's La Colombe, on Marie-Anne, le P'tit Plateau. But you could also visit Leméac which is not BYOW but delivers solid bistro fare. Le Jolifou on Beaubien corner of Cartier is also a solid neighborhood restaurant with a prix fixe that will run you in the $35 to $40 a head for app, main, dessert and coffee.

      1. Just a word of warning: on menus here, "entrée" still has its original meaning: "appetizer." A main course is a "plat principal." Wouldn't want you to go home hungry. :)

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          >>"entrée" still has its original meaning: "appetizer.<<

          Your point is well taken. However, probably better to say that entrée has its contemporary French meaning. According to Visser's *The Rituals of Dinner*, *entrées* originally followed the soups and the *relevés* ("removes" in English), which were typically a roast, stew or whole fish, and were considered the "entry" to the *entremets*. Nor were *hors d'oeuvres* originally served before the meal; they were side dishes arranged around ("outside") the main "works." The *Larousse Gastronomique* tells a similar story, baldly stating that the *entrée* was the third course.

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            Thanks for setting me straight. It's nice to see there's a solid etymological reason for English "entrée" being the second or third course.

            Now, can anyone tell me which places in Montreal serve the most compelling relevés and entremets? ;)

            1. re: Mr F

              >>Now, can anyone tell me which places in Montreal serve the most compelling relevés and entremets? ;)<<


        2. Had the best lunch ever at Cube restaurant attached to Hotel St Paul. They have a three-course (appetizer, main, and dessert) for 25$ which is a superb value (their dinner mains around around 40$). Service is nice and the dining room is beautifully designed.

          Menu is here:

          They are in Old Montreal so it's not right in downtown but easily accessible but subway or drive it's less than 15 minutes. If you are visiting I imagine you will go to Old Montreal anyways. I just did a detailed review here:

          1. Through this board, a local chowhound recommended a Greek BYO for lunch (Jardin de Panos, 521 Rue Duluth). Great suggestion. I took 10 guys there with a few drinks about a week ago. The food was great and inexpensive for three courses (about $17 for everything after tip). They have a great outdoor space if the weather is nice.