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Aug 2, 2006 04:16 AM

What is the latest on Woodhouse Fish Company?

I drove by the Woodhouse Fish Company today on Market which I never noticed before, I think they have a new sign, a big orange crab hanging out front. There is some discussion on them a few months ago the week they opened, but not much recently. Looks like they had some opening jitters, has anyone been recently? It looked like a nice place.

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  1. We ate there last week. The fried clams were outstanding. The lobster roll was a good lobster salad on an oversized French roll. They are working on it. The sides are very large. The cole slaw is good; one order was enough for three. The clam chowder was very good lots of clams very authentic style. They said that they'll be getting steamers soon. No desserts. We'll definitely be back.

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      Went for dinner 2 nights ago...had a big bowl of the chowder...big chunks of clam only a few potatoes, (which is as I like it) a broth made with some cream (and no discernable flour thickener) but not so much cream that it coated your tongue so that you couldn't taste the clams...a very good chowder....I had the Humongous fried calamari plate...perfectly fried, chewy but not rubbery...I'd like to see them do fried combo plates, I would like to have the different textures of squid, clams, fish, scallops usual the staff was cheerful and helpful..
      Woodhouse has begun to serve lunch specials...For 9 dollars..there is a more descriptive previous post about this...
      A great addition to our neighborhood.

      here's the link:

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        Oh yeah, real fried combo plates. I forgot such things existed. I've never had a West Coast version that was satisfying. People should start dropping hints there about it.

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          I have, I have!!! The fried clams, while lovely, are such a huge portion that I begin to get bored with so many clams. The other huge hint that I have tried is half portions. With lower price points, I think more people would give it a try and fall in love.

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            You are not from the East Coast, are you?

            There is no such thing as a boring fried clam ... or too many fried clams.

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              There was a mixed platter this evening on the menu. Clams, calamari, and oysters, $17.95. Didn't try it, too busy with the lobster roll which is much better than their first incarnation.

      2. I have asked before, but now that more people are eating there, can anyone tell me:
        are the clams fried in batter or in crumb?
        it is a pretty big difference in taste and texture, and i prefer them fried in crumb, like on the east coast.

        I am going to need to venture there at some point and do a taste test, but i will be more inspired to hurry over there if i know they are frying the clams the way i like...


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        1. re: jupiter

          I want to say batter but Chow_Fun is your best bet.

          1. re: jupiter

            The clams are coated with a mixture of flour and cornmeal.

          2. We went there two Sundays ago. We both had the lobster roll -- good bun, plenty of lobster, but I'm not a huge fan of the mayo style (it was better than Yankee Pier's mayo one, but I prefer Sea Salt). The cole slaw was not right -- the cabbage was not salted and drained before mixing with the dressing, so it was too crunchy, not dressed properly and hard to put it your mouth (big chunks). Would be fine if prepared properly. I liked the clam chowder...lighter style with lots of clams.

            1. Rworange talks about dropping hints re: a combo plate? How about spelling it out?


              1. This all looks pretty good! I'm on my way and will report back.

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                1. re: Jammy73

                  Went to the 'WFC' tonight. I was expecting a wait and got there early, but it was about half full at 6:30. Service was prompt and friendly, I had some oysters and a glass of Pinot Grigio to start, and the stuffed artichoke as a main course. It took a while to eat, but it was well cooked and I liked the dressing. I chatted with the owner, a young guy who seemed very attentive. I even dropped the boards hint about combo platters. He mentioned he was waiting on a second fryer for the kitchen to handle all the different fried items and right now it just takes too long to cook everything in succession. Looks like there is hope there.
                  This place is very pleasant and I will be back.

                  Oh, and for you East Coasters, they had Steamers on the menu but there was a hand written note over it, 'Sold out! More next week' .

                  1. re: Jammy73

                    STEAMERS! Finally!! I guess no red tide, just a tide of steamer lovers...I'll keep my eyes open to see when they have more in stock!
                    Also looking forward to the additional fryer to get a fried combo plate..they are so pleasant and friendly here..really like to please..and they have been very receptive to our ideas...please let them have consistency! Then finally I won't feel I have to leave Upper Market to get a decent meal!