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Aug 2, 2006 04:13 AM

Barolo in Pacifica

We went on Sunday night to a new restaurant in Pacifica. This is a huge deal for those of us in Pacifica as we are shy on truly Chowie places.

Barolo has been open about a month and we found it to be very good. It is owned by the owners of Vignette in San Francisco. I had the braised short rib over pureed carrots. The saltiness of the short rib was balanced nicely with the sweet carrot puree. My wife had the grilled flat iron steak, which came in slices over chunky mashed potatoes and gorgonzola. Everything was nicely presented and we both remarked on how well the portions were handled. Too many places like to load up a plate, and we both are preferential to rich food in small portions.

We also ordered the warm chococlate cake with port wine cherry sauce. It had an oozing chocolate center and was made that much richer by the port cherries.

I am hopeful that people make their way out to Pedro Point in Pacifica to give this place a chance. It's worth the trip.

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    1. re: Fog City Kid

      Here's a link to the website with the menu prices.

      Thanks PacificaMe. I've been wondering about the place since it was mentioned in the SF Chronicle

      Given your name, I hope you will report on some of the places in your area from time to time. Chowhound hasn't have any fresh reports about Pacifica and nearby area for a while ... except for a downhill report on Nonna's.

      Still even if much hasn't changed, it is good to get some tips about what is best to order or avoid from people who eat there often.

      Thanks again for the Borolo report

      1. re: rworange

        Tworange, you came through again. Thanks...

    2. Michael Bauer gave it a nice review today in the Chron:

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          1. went there yesterday evening and were truly disappointed. Although some of the dishes were nice (Heirloom tomatoes with Burrata cheese), most of it was more than average (fritto misto wasn't crsip, trout tasteless, pork sausage like from a supermarket). The barman/sommelier was knowledgebla and helpful but the server was really unpleasant and uninvolved... she clearly didn't enjoy what she was doing. Sooo, big disappointement and back to Mezza Luna!