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Aug 2, 2006 04:06 AM

Best Kosher Cut of Beef for the Grill

Ok, master grillers. Please tell me what kosher cut of steak will impress my non-kosher family the most when cut into thick steaks and grilled to medium rare. I think most of them like a New York strip style steak, but I dont know what the best equivalent is in Kosher cuts, especially because it seems every butcher has his own name for everything! HELP!

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  1. Nothing beats a good rib-eye or rib steak - in my opinion the absolute best steaks for grilling or any other style of cooking and the nice thing a rib eye/rib steak has no other name -

    1. I would tend to agree with weinstein5 about the rib steak. If there would be better cuts then the restaurants would offer them. That said, when I go to Bistro Grill in Woodmere I order a steak called "Del Monico". Delicious and cuts like butter, I wonder what cut of meat that is made of. Outside of that unknown cut from Bistro, most restaurants simply offer rib steak as their steak offering.

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        I have had the Delmonico at The Prime Grill - I agree also and excellent steak - did come research as to what cut it was and this is one that there are many variations as to what is is - most tend agree it does come from the rib area -

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          I too did the reasearch a while ago and also noticed that the cut is not well defined. Question is what cut do those two restaurants use?

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            Since sirloin, top loin and short loin are all not kosher, Delmonico is probably Rib-eye.

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          I know this is a year later, but I just saw this. Delmonico is definitely a different name for rib-eye, named for the famed restaurant (Delmonico's), which was the top top place in NYC from the early 19th century until 1923. So they're the same thing.

        3. Flanken (i.e., cross-cut ribs) bbq very well. Coat with olive oil, garlic, oregano, etc.

          1. Delmonico is just another name for rib-eye.

            As for other cuts, I've become a big fan of hanger steak. It's not pretty to look at, but it grills great.

            1. Thanks for the responses. We have a delmonico cut in our market regularly, but it has a little bit of a livery flavor. Of course, cant compare because I cooked it on my George Foreman and not on the grill.

              I know that delmonico is not the same as a rib steak, because it looks different. Perhaps it is a longitudinal-cut rib eye?

              Unless someone else chimes in with new ideas, I think I'll buy enough rib steak for all, but also compile a tasting menu with a little bit of delmonico and flanken (though I hate to pay for bones).