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Aug 2, 2006 04:06 AM

What's your favorite Mexican dish to make at home?

What's your favorite Mexican dish to make at home? Please supply recipe if readily available.

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  1. My mother's enchiladas and spanish rice. Perfection...

    I don't have a recipe on me at the moment, but the enchiladas are made with reconstituted dried chiles, blended, then cooked with spices. The tortillas are lightly fried in vegetable oil and then either stacked or rolled with just onions and shredded cheese. If you're so inclined, you can have a fried egg on top.

    The rice starts by sauteeing diced onions, then browning the rice in vegetable oil and the onions. Once browned, add 1 small can of tomato sauce and water. Garlic, salt, pepper, and chicken bullion poweder are added and cooked until done.

    Make some sangria the night before and it's a great meal.

    I help mom make tamales every Christmas. Tons of work, but nothing beats two heated tamales and a cup of coffee for breakfast.


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      Fave quicky lunch: (on foil in toaster oven for 15 minutes at 400.) A flour tortilla, layer of refried beans, left-over cooked white rice, generous sprinkling of grated or crumbled jack cheese, minced jalanos (pickled are fine if no fresh available. When cheese is all melted, top with minced tomatoes, shredded iceberg lettuce and hot sauce (some like it hot). Fold in half and enjoy.

    2. Quesedillas. So easy. I buy salsa from a place down the street that we really like and make Goya yellow rice. Sometimes vegetarian refried beans from a can - not bad at all, really.

      Tacos sometimes. And mexican shrimp cocktail.

      I make a mean margarita. And occasionally sangria, which requires some time.

      For breakfast: huevos con chorizo or chillequilles.

      Almost forgot plain old melted queso w/ tortillas and pico de gallo. Good snack or lunch.

      1. Fideos. Recipe is in Diana Kennedy's old Tortilla book

        Chilequilas, recipe is rather ubiquitous. Day old or stale corn tortilla fried and drained. Return to skillet, toss in a generous serving of well seasoned salsa verde, heat through so the tortilla strips begin to soften but retain some crunch. Garnish with diced white onion, queso chihuahua or oaxaqueno (or other melting cheese), chopped cilantro and a generous drizzle of crema. Sometimes I add shredded leftover chicken, or sometimes I fry an egg and put it on top. You can do it with salsa rojo as well.

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          I've never liked eggs in chilaquiles (on the side is fine), but then, I've only had them or seen them made with scrambled eggs...but I've never thought to fry an egg to put on sounds pretty good, so, thanks, I will try that!

        2. Huevos Rancheros:
          Shread cheddar cheese and chop cilantro, keep aside.
          Heat up drained and rinsed black beans mixed with canned ranchero sauce, keep on the back burner.
          Fry up eggs in skillet and keep another burner on high to heat/toast tortillas as you assemble.
          Not gourmet but very satisfying in a pinch on a Sunday morning.

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            These are so good, and sometimes I also like to poach the eggs on top of the beans.

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              Huevos rancheros are my favorite to make at home too, though I don't use cheese, or even beans....simple, delicious if you use great tortillas and salsa..

            2. spanish rice, arroz con pollo, quesadillas on the grill.....

              Here is the recipe I use for Spanish Rice. It's from Cooks Illustrated. My arroz con pollo recipe comes from Tyler Florence's Real Kitchen, and I don't have it in my 'puter.

              Spanish Rice

              2 med. tomatoes, quartered
              1 med. onion, quartered
              3 jalapeno peppers
              2 cups long grain rice
              1/3 cup oil
              4 garlic cloves, minced
              2 cups chicken broth
              1 Tbsp. tomato paste
              1 1/2 tsp. salt
              1/2 cup minced cilantro
              1 lime, cut into wedges

              Preheat oven to 350F.Process tomatoes and onion in food processor till thoroughly pureed. Transfer to a liquid measuring cup. If you have more than 2 cups, spoon off enough to measure 2 cups. Remove the seeds and ribs from 2 jalapenos, and then mince the peppers. Mince the other jalapeno with rib and seeds, set aside. Place rice in a large strainer and rinse under cold water till water runs clear. Shake to drain all water off. Heat oil in a large oven proof skillet or dutch oven. Add rice and fry, stirring frequently till golden(6-8 min.)reduce heat to med., add garlic, and seeded peppers; cook, stirring constantly for 1 1/2 min. Stir in pureed tomatoes and onions, chicken broth, tomato paste and salt; increase heat to med. high and bring to a boil. Cover pot and transfer to oven; bake till liquid is absorbed and rice is tender,30-35 min. stirring well after 15 min. Stir in cilantro and reserved jalapeno. Serve with lime wedges to squeeze over serving