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Peach Ice Cream

I have not seen peach ice cream in years. Does anyone know a place that sells wonderful peace ice cream?

Many thanks.

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  1. I was just at Fosselman's in Alhambra (Main St. west of Atlantic) about 30 minutes ago. They have a sign in the window saying that they currently have fresh peach ice cream.


      1. Bennett's, the fresh ice cream shop at the Farmer's Market at 3rd/Fairfax had fresh peach a couple of weeks ago - I'm certain they still do given the season....

        Fosselman's is certainly fantastic, if Alhambra is close enough for you.

        1. Yes, the Fosselman's peach ice cream is excellent. On a hot day (is there any other kind anymore?) I had them make a milkshake with it so I could take it in the car--it came out very delicate and subtle, at first I thought it wasn't a strong enough flavor to hold up in a milkshake but by the end of the cup I really wished I was still in the store so I could have another one.

          Have not tried Bennett's peach but it sounds like something they'd be good at, since they do best with "old-fashioned" ice creams.

          And there's always Haagen-Dasz Peaches & Cream, which is very very good.

          1. Pazzo Gelato in Silverlake (around Sunset Junction) makes delicious yellow peach and white peach sorbet/gelato. You can buy a pint to go.

            1. Fosselman's in Alhambra OR call-ahead to Scoops in West LA (their flavors rotate daily, and you can put in a request---the owner/ice-cream-maker Tai is VERY nice and accomodating)

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                  712 N. Heliotrope (near Vermont & Melrose) -- 323-906-2649

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                    W. Hollywood, maybe? (not West LA)

              1. I've seen white peach gelato on occasion at Il Cono.

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                  Darn! It wasn't there yesterday when I stopped in. The pink grapefruit and rose cardamom I tried were both delicious, though! Better than Angelato on Santa Monica, and waaaaaaaay better than Al Gelato.

                2. Paliman, Aloha Boba Tea House in Monrovia carries Fosselman's ice cream. Don't know the area you are looking, but you can call Aloha Boba to see if they have the peach ice cream. 626-303-2283.

                  1. I had Fosselman's peach ice cream a couple weeks ago. Frankly, I was underwhelmed. It had a nice flavor, but I wouldn't describe that flavor as intensely _peachy_ in any way. I love peaches, and I have had good peach ice cream in my lifetime (Ben & Jerry's brought one out seasonally several years back, but I haven't encountered it in a long time), so I know it's possible. Fosselman's, though, wasn't it. As is true (IMO) of some of their other fruit-flavored ice creams (e.g. the lychee), the richness of their cream base tends to mute and dilute the essence of the fruit.

                    And you know, while we're on the subject of Fosselman's, am I the only one who doesn't absolutely love the texture of their ice cream? It's soooo smooth, and I wish that, for certain flavors anyway, that it was a little more chewy, more toothsome, a little less buttery in the mouth, you know?

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                      I think you're right on the Fosselman's peach. I sampled it a couple weeks ago and decided against it. Instead, I had the lychee. I didn't love the lychee either, and was sorry that I didn't get the English toffee. The lychee was too perfumey or floral for my tastes. Not that it was bad, but it wasn't my favorite.

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                        Maybe Fosselman's Peach should be called Peaches & Cream. It's a good blend of fresh peach flavor & Hi quality ice cream but doesn't have chunks of fresh peaches in it. It's a must to try on your quest for really good Peach ice cream.

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                          I just had the Fosselman's Peach ice cream- it is really good. It isn't aknock you to the floor peach flavor - it's more subtle and refreshing but you can tel it is made from real peaches.

                      2. bud's deli in santa monica has fosselmans ice cream and I think I saw peach there. it's on ocean park and 26th------they close early go during the day and closed on sunday

                        1. Thrifty / Rite Aid has Peach ice Cream right now

                          1. Market Gourmet on Abbot Kinney in Venice has Dr. Bob's ice creams, including the seasonal peach flavor.

                            1. graeters makes one of the best peach ice creams.
                              they are based out of cincinati.
                              it is available on-line and will ship next day. they actually ship alot of their product (even in the summer). comes neatly packed in styrofoam cooler with dry ice.
                              french pot style ice cream-soooo creamy, high butterfat content,

                              1. Try the best ice cream bargain in town, the Thriftys Peach Ice Cream that i sold at Rite-Aids. Just had some and it was terrific!