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Aug 2, 2006 02:49 AM

Scotrun, PA Restaurants Near Great Wolf Lodge

Just made last-minute plans to take the ChowPup to Great Lodge to cool off this weekend and was wondering if any PA 'hounds could save us from eating what looks to be yucky stuff on the premises...Anything yummy in the environs?

Thanks in advance,

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  1. I just ran across this old post but I have the same question. I am taking a Girl Scout troop to Great Wolf Lodge in June. I hear the food at the hotel is abominable. Where can a group of about 15 eat nearby? We'll need breakfast, lunch and dinner.

    Thank you!

    1. I can tell you where to avoid - Barley Creek Brewing Co.

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        While my nine year old son and his friends enjoyed the Lodge last year; the only thing that I could mutter: I have never spent so much money in a 24 hr period so close to home. Have fun and remember to pack a bag of treats and drinks. The room we had was furnished with a small frig.

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          Why do you say that? Service can be a little slow. They went through a rough patch with food a few years ago but it's been good the past couple years. They've even improved their beer offerings by getting more creative.

          As to drmck's post, I have no idea what 15 Girl Scouts eat. The area is filled with bar type places and diners. In fact, the Scotrun Diner is right at the entrance to GWL. I heaven't been in years so can't attest to its quality. Barley Creek and the Pocono Brewing Company(doesn't actually brew beer) are nearby. I would call ahead for both. PBC is large with a big outdoor area if it's nice. Neither are overly pub/bar-like. They both cater to diners as much or more than drinkers. Atmosphere at Barley Creek is better IMO.

          Down Route 611 a couple miles you'll find Friendly's, Red Robin and a couple pizza places. I never recommend chains but that might be the ticket for 15 kids.

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            Barley Creek is poor. $18 for Fish & Chips and $12 for a burger and fries (burger made from a frozen pattie no less) is unconscionable. The beer is subpar and the Barley wine was dreadful.

        2. We are going last minute too. Buffet apparently pretty gross. Longhorn Steakhouse which is in Bartonsville (?) (abt 5 miiles away) is where we are going.

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            Funny I saw this post, my daughter goes to camp up that way (Spruce Lake) and we get off I80 and head up 611 North. After dropping her off my wife and I stopped at a place called Pangea (, which as the sign says, serves "international cusine" and is in Scotrun right on 611. Well they do a little of everything and all I can say is that my curry chicken and wife's Thai pork dish were both very good (and we love Indian and Thai and eat them often). We were pleasantly surprised. They also serve Italian and American dishes as well. In this culinary wasteland of an area Pangea is definitely worth a stop!

          2. We were in the Poconos last weekend and had dinner at Pangea. They had a vast selection of Tandoori and vegetarian items. We love Indian food, but the best part was that they have a kid's menu for $4.95 - of course it is chicken fingers, personal pizza, mac n' cheese but my kids were thrilled and so were we. They had live entertainment - jazz music -the singer was so good!
            All in all, we were so happy to find such a place in the Poconos. It's right near the great wolf lodge too!