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Aug 2, 2006 01:44 AM

Lunch with the parents in Brooklyn

I'm having a tough time coming up with something here, any help would be much appreciated.
We will be driving so most any area is do-able, but Park Slope would be best.
The major parameters are that my mother has celiac disease and can't eat anything with gluten, so creative, entree-sized salads are always appreciated on her end. The rest of us can, and do, eat anything.
In this weather, AC is also a must.
Thanks for any suggestions.

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  1. I suggest you re-post with "Best Lunch Salad?" as the heading?
    your Mom's diet makes a lot of places n/a.
    also, do you mean lunch (weekday) or Brunch?
    In BK, it's an important destinction.

    1. Press 195 on 5th Avenue has decent salads and some nice chilled soups. It's not great, so I don't know if you were looking for a fancier place, but it could work.
      If this is on the weekend, there are many more options. I particularly like the Mediterranean salad at Miriam.

      1. The 2nd Street Cafe might be a good option. The food is decent and they have a salad selection on their menu. They're on the corner of 2nd Street and 7th Avenue. Two Boots is up the block from them if you don't like 2nd Street's menu.

        1. It's not Park Slope, but I like The Hill Diner on Court St. for lunch. Good salads.

          1. On 7th Ave, Mr. Felafel could be very good for a gluten-intolerant person. they have an excellent, large "greek" salad, delicious lemonade and good soups, meats (try kefta kebab) and vegetable dishes. Modest prices too.