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Aug 2, 2006 01:06 AM

steamed crabs by the bushel?

I'm hosting a little get together this Sat. and was hoping to get a bushel of steamed crabs. Anyone have any suggestions in the NoVa or DC metro area?

I sort of remember these trucks that sold them somewhere in Silver Springs a while ago but I can't remember exactly where.

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  1. Definitely try the seafood market on Maine Ave. We got the most beautiful jumbo crabs there a few weeks ago.

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      Agree 100% on Maine Ave.



    2. This past weekend we had terrific steamed crabs from Jessie Taylor Seafood at the Main Avenue fish market. There were no local crabs, but the bushels from the Carolinas were delicious, meaty and sweet. $70/bushel steamed.

      I posted the whole adventure, with photos, on my blog "What I Cook"

      what i cook ------>

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      1. I just read your blog--sounds delicious. I'm salivating right now and I just finished dinner! Do you know what time these places open? My party is at 2:30 but I don't want to run the risk of running out.

        Also, after they're steamed, can you just keep them out (in the house)for a day and not worry about them going bad?

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          They NEVER run out! :)

          Maine Avenue opens early in the AM - I cant tell you excatly when, because I have never been there before 10 a.m. They close, this time of year, well after sunset on the weekends. If youre talking about keeping the crabs for a "day", meaning 24 hours - I wouldnt, for hours or so out of the steamer should be ok though, just keep the bushel lid on, and make sure theyre in the shade.

          what i cook ----->

        2. Also check Slavin & Sons in NoVA on Glebe Road near 395, 703-486-0400. My in-laws have gotten crabs there before and been very happy with them.

          1. Looks like I'll be heading to the Maine Ave fish market tom.
            Any particular store/boats? Sounds like Jessie Taylor Seafood is a good bet.

            Also, although I grew up in MD, my dad was always the one who picked up the crabs so I don't know much about size/price. Are #2 a good combo of size and price?
            Thanks again!

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              smaller than you would probably like but at that price who cares, especially if they are all jimmies.