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Aug 2, 2006 01:05 AM

Hot Chocolate

I'm gearing up for the colder months... Whats the best hot chocolate mix/powder/bar/etc to be had in New York? I'm looking for something rich and cozy. Watery hot chocolate is the bane of my winter night.

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  1. Had a great cup at City Bakery...with homemade marshmallow.

    1. Absolutely City Bakery. It's rich and thick and almost chewy. I've never had anything like it anywhere else.

      1. I agree re: City Bakery. Next in line for me is Chocolate Bar. Michel Cluizel is good but more milky. Jacques Torres isn't bad but can be a little powdery. La Maison du Chocolat is way too pricy for the quality. I didn't like Vosges or Marie-Belle much. Still to try: Max Brenner and Pierre Marcolini.

        1. i agree! city bakery is definitely the thickest and most delicious kind. it's also fun to stick it in your freezer and enjoy it frozen.

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            That reminds me - Serendipity is a bit touristy, yes, but there's always the frozen hot chocolate there while you're waiting for winter.

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              Try Hersey's Premium Hot Chocolate or Ghirardelli Hot Chocolate.

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                A lot of the high-end shops, including Jacques Torres, La Maison due Chocolat, and Marie-Belle have at-home mixes. Williams & Sonoma also has a nice mix made from chocolate, not powder.