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Aug 2, 2006 12:53 AM

Tofu breakfast recipes?

Hi everyone. I am looking for a good breakfast recipe that uses tofu that can be made for a large group of people.

If anyone has any, please share!

Thanks so much! Much gratitude!

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  1. Your best bet is probably tofu scramble: sauté some chopped onions and whatever veggies you want, then add crumbled tofu and seasonings. You want to season heavily, otherwise it'll be bland - curry powder is great in this. Then, sauté until heated through and a little dry. Serve with standard brekkie sides.

    Or you can make tofu quiche, using a prebaked crust and silken tofu. Purée the tofu with a little tahini and flour, then stir in your favourite quiche filling. Pour into the crust and bake at around 400 degrees for 30 minutes or so. Let it cool a little before slicing.

    1. My favorite tofu scramble(r) is Mediterranean Herb, using a mix of the same name from Nasoya that's usually in natural supermarkets near the taco seasoning area.

      Drain firm or extra-firm tofu and crumble in a large bowl using a fork. Transfer to a skillet with non-stick spray or olive oil and lightly brown the tofu. Add diced yellow onions and saute. Mix mediterranean herb mix with water as directed and add to skillet. Add diced tomatos (can use canned if you want), spinach, basil, mushrooms, and a few olives - or whatever veggies to your liking. Simmer a few minuutes and serve. Can also sprinkle with feta or goat cheese if not for vegans.

      You can make tofu scrambles many ways - for every type of cuisine - and there are several dry mixes to help, made by several brands, or spice purveyors. Just use your favorite search engine. The regular "tofu scramble" flavor are simple and a substitute for scrambled eggs.

      For mexican scramble, add salsa/rotel/tomatos + black beans + onions. Can add chili powder, cumin, green chiles, etc...

      For an indian scramble add curry powder and veggies

      For a thai scramble add onions, spinach, peanuts & peanut sauce

      For a hash-like scramble, add onions, potatoes, garlic, fresh herbs

      1. Ooh, thanks so much, both of you!