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Ten Feet Tall --> Now open for lunch!

sierramum Aug 2, 2006 12:51 AM

Went to Ten Feet Tall for dinner with my daughter this evening and they have a notice board out front saying that they are now open for lunch, Mon - Fri at 11:30 am! How awesome is that?

As for dinner itself, I guess this was just an off night, compared to other meals we've had there. We came in just about 6 pm and there was only one other table being served. At this time, there was only one server so towards the end, I really sympathized with her. That's because once my daughter and I ordered our meals, people started arriving in droves. Couples, parties of four, a party of 7, and the seating with the benches was reserved for a party of 15 (which hadn't even arrived by the time my daughter and I left!). Eventually, people were sat at the bar and outside in the sweltering heat, waiting for a table.

And all this with just one server! Since we came in before the rush, our plate of sweet potato frites (a MUST order for us) came pretty much right away. But once we were finished with those, we waited...and waited...and waited for the rest of our meal. I mean, it doesn't take an hour to prepare a side salad, does it?

Eventually, our mains arrived. Sans salad. I questioned the server about it and she seemed perplexed. For some reason, she wasn't quite aware that side salads are served *before* the entrees? But like I said, the place was really buzzing and I'd have hated to be her in that situation. So we had to be satisfied with cornmeal crusted calamari, cooked to the point of almost being tough and the coating being too crispy. My medium-rare beef tenderloin was leaning more towards medium; and my side salad with no onions came, of course, with onions. However, we pretty much finished our plates (with the leftover frites and calamari taken to go for hubby and son) and in the end, our server comp'd the salad.

Our bill came to a total of $59 including tax & tip, which I was very pleased with. (I had two glasses of wine with my meal).

And fortunately for our server, another girl had joined her by 7:30 pm.

We'll be going there for lunch someday soon, that's for sure!

  1. j
    julesrules Aug 5, 2006 12:28 AM

    Thanks for this info, I went for lunch today. I actually found the menu pretty limited - it's a pub type menu, and I had a different expectation I guess. But I fell in love with the place due to my favourite beer on tap (Mill St Tankhouse), the sweet potato fries which I think really are worth the $6, and their baby-friendly attitude, with high chair! Baby friendly and good draught are pretty much my criteria these days.

    1. sierramum Aug 2, 2006 03:22 PM

      Yes, that's it. The place is on the southeast corner of Danforth/Gillard, just a couple blocks east of Greenwood.

      1. kerwintoronto Aug 2, 2006 01:40 AM

        Is this the location?

        Ten Feet Tall
        (416) 778-7333
        1381 Danforth Avenue
        Toronto, ON M4J 1N2, Canada


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