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Aug 2, 2006 12:45 AM

Balboa Pavilion Breakfast & Dinner Options

I'm taking the Flyer to Catalina and am looking for breakfast options prior and dinner options after. Walking distance preferred.

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  1. Breakfast options are limited right around the Flyer. Usually coffee / pastry like things or you could try the Shorehouse on Main Street.
    Really depends what you want to have before the trip.
    Coming back you could go to the Harborside rest. in the Pavilion or just sit in the bar and take advantage of the happy hour for half price saloon menu. Also Newport Landing upstairs in the oyster bar overlooking the harbor.( walk towards the ferry from the flyer and you will see it ) Flyer usually gets back about 5.45.

    1. I was just down there last week. Not too keen on Pavillion area however, if you can ferry over to the island -60C w/o car p.p. each way-there's plenty of yummy places on the main street, especially Italian.

      We ate at the Crab Cooker around the corner on Newport Blvd. Fresh Fish is still a good option but, stay away from the chowder. Not walking distance :(

      1. Breakfast at the Shorehouse is a good suggestion.

        1. We unfortunately ended up at the Shorehouse after driving by Plums only to find out that they didn't open until 8. The food was below average and the service can be best described as pissy.

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            Just replied to your other post, but apologies for the suggestion - I've always liked the Belmont Shores branch & thought the one on Main was a good suggestion for something close. As stuartmm said, 'opportunities are limited' in this area.

          2. No appologies necessary. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.