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The best homemade ice cream

Brookdale confectioners/Holsteins in Bloomfield has to have the best homemade ice cream i have ever had. There coffee chip ice cream is outstanding.

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  1. IMHO Thomas Sweet has the best. You can get it in Princeton, at Crazees in Rumson and The Blarney Cone in Spring Lake...

    1. Where is the Blarney Cone located? (Sorry...I don't eat much ice cream...and when I do, I would'nt know the difference between homemade and bought in a grocery store.) Although, my family is another story! They love Jersey Freeze in Freehold. We go to Sping Lake quite often, so can you tell me where this ice cream store is and shall we make a visit?

      (We love dinning at The Black Trumpet in Spring Lake. One of our favorite restauarnts!)

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        The Blarney Cone is on Morris just off the north-east corner of Third. I love their Pralenes and Cream.

      2. Yes Holsten's has outstanding ice cream. It's been our favorite for years, and we are fortunate that we can take a long walk to it on a summer evening. Though many in our neck of the woods prefer Applegate Farm's (whose selection is more extensive), the quality and tooth-feel of Holsten's is really spectacular. Their cookie's n cream, their "anything" chip, (yeah we like the coffee chip too), and their cookie dough, which they only make occasionally, are our favorites. They will make custom ice cream cakes with any of their flavors with a week's notice.

        Also, as long as you're there, you might as well get the home made dark chocolate almond bark...yummmm

        1. "Homemade" is a bit of a misnomer, since it would be illegal to sell ice cream you made at home. LOL.
          I think "hand-made" or perhaps "artisanal" ice cream would be a better fit (but of course everything these days is "artisanal").

          Applegates, in Montclair (now with franchises) and Thomas Sweet (New Brunswick, but main branch is Princeton) make some of the best ice cream I have found.

          1. I will second the Thomas Sweet nomination. I left NJ 18 years ago, but whenever I am in Princeton, NJ I make it a point to get to Thomas Sweet (if not mistaken there are two locations in Princeton (Palmer Square and then on Nassau Street aka Rt 27) in addition to the New Brunswick location.

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              The Palmer Square location no longer serves ice cream (and I actually think they closed the confection side as well, but it's been awhile since I've walked the square I can't be sure). The Nassua Street (aka Route 27) location is still open and does a brisk business.

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                Last fall, my friend & I went to the Thomas Sweet located in New Brunswick. My ice cream (chocolate mint chip??) was so ordinary as to be non-memorable. Perhaps that is why I am not even sure of the flavor that I ordered.

                However, non-memorable is preferable to what my friend was served. His Butter Pecan was made with rancid pecans! I thought that he was exaggerating until I tasted it, and sure enough, it was laced with rancid pecans.

                I managed to finish my ice cream, since it was "okay", but not really good. He threw his away, and we both vowed to not return to Thomas Sweet again.

              2. Thomas Sweet

                Chocolate with raspberry blend-in...


                1. We just had Holstein's tonight. The vanilla fudge is outstanding and DH tried the coffee chip and said it was delicious. I also had some nutty coconut that was fabulous. They make really great "homemade" delicious creamy ice cream. I also love the old fashioned ice cream parlor. It reminds me of the "good old days"!

                  1. Way down south...

                    Springer's in Stone Harbor makes all their oown ice cream. Their blueberry cheesecake ice cream is beyond description. They also make pineapple-basil sorbet, which sounds strange but is delicious.

                    Slightly further north...

                    Lindy Hops in Egg Harbor Township (Exit 36 GSP) also makes their own. Mississippi Mud is a personal favorite.

                    1. I like Thomas Sweets in New Brunswick too (I went to Rutgers and lived right across the street on Easton Ave.) but my FAVORITE homemade ice cream comes from Sundaes the Ice Cream Place in Point Pleasant, NJ (I'm also their webmaster). I live in Brick and I grew up on the stuff. My favorite flavor is Grasshopper but their Peanut Butter Caramel Craze just won the NJ State Ice Cream Festival (they have won 9 times!)

                      Another great place to get homemade ice cream in the area is Denae's Ice Cream and Sweet Shop in Toms River, NJ. Though I'm a loyal Sundaes Fan, Denae's has great flavors too (I love moosetracks) and a big selection of sugar free ice cream and chocolates. http://denaesweetshop.com

                      1. Hoffman's in Spring lake is wonderful. We also like Jersey Freeze in Freehold for their incredible sort ice cream flavors and toppings.

                        1. tried the beachplum on main street bradley beach today after a recommendation while dining at ole in asbury last night... but that's another story..ice cream was quite good...great rum raisin and very good coffee royale...would go back..

                          1. Village Creamery 560 Lakehurst Road in Toms River - They get my vote for the most AMAZING homemade ice cream. Don't forget your cooler if you are driving it back home!

                            1. What, no votes for Halo Farms in Trenton, NJ ? The absolute best homemade hard ice cream, IMHO. Available in pints and half gallons and very economical. I may stop there on the way home and pick a half dozen assorted pints.

                              1. Cranbury Delights on the main street of Cranbury , right across from the Post Office , has artisanal ice cream that is well worth a taste ! I've tried their apricot and the flavor is perfect . They charge $2.35 for a single dip dish .

                                1. ice cream on 9 in howell is my favorite, mostly because it has "different" flavors. i dont think the standard flavors do great standalone. i always just go there to get their p&bj flavor

                                  Nagle's in ocean grove is also pretty amazing, the texture of their ice cream is extremely thick and it feels like it was made with love haha

                                  The sundae's chain also in ocean county is really good. They are the winners on my favorite cherry vanilla ice cream award. I had their grandmothers apple pie once....so good.

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                                    Scottish Creamery in Oxford, MD

                                    Try the Tiramisu or Brown sugar oatmeal flavors!

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                                      I second ice cream on 9 in Howell. I have never seen so many flavors and one is better than the next......tough to make a choice. My personal favorite for right now is the toasted coconut.
                                      Also re: Nagles----their hot fudge is better than ice cream on 9. We always stop at Nagles when we are in Ocean Grove